Sussex Healthcare Updates

Sussex healthcare is a group of care homes company located in the county of Sussex in South East coast of England. The organization have control of twenty homes where they offer a variety of health services by providing support services in areas concerning occupational therapy and physiotherapy, they have care homes for elderly people whereby people with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease are also catered for. They also deal with specialized care for adults, palliative care as well as recreational and services concerning education for them with learning difficulties. Sussex healthcare services were founded in 1985 and they are still operating up to now. The organizations care homes are distributed in several cities in the united kingdom.

Regional Operations Director Replacements

In the recent past, Sussex Healthcare limited decided to introduce new staff in their organization branch at the Rapkyns home care. where by Martin Hill comes in as the new regional operations director. Considering his great experience and expertise in the field and it is undoubtedly a great move because Martin Taylor is passionate when it comes to matters providing quality services. Martin hill’s new job will have him circulate his services to three distinct Sussex Health care locations, he will have to deal with the Laurels and the sycamore, the Granary as well as the day center in the Grange.

At the Laurels and the sycamore have all the praises for the staff located there as they have continued to work tirelessly to ensure that there was great care for people that rely on SHC are supported.

The day center staff located at the grange have started on the learning medication pathways for them to enhance their ways of offering services.

At the granary Martin Taylor did what he does best, appreciating people who offer quality services as there were changes in team management leader.

Sussex Healthcare branch Wisteria stable home received a new manager after staying without a manager for quite some time. Shona King brings along his experience and competence as a manager in this field.There was also the arrival of Shane duck who was to act as the acting manager at the Kingsmead Lodge.

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