Article Title: JD.Com And Central Group Launched “JD CENTRAL” In Thailand

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When it comes to retail and e-commerce, is one of the biggest names in China and in the whole world. Its bleeding edge technology, high quality products, and strategic partnerships helped the company became China’s largest e-commerce platform. Together with its Thai counterpart, launches its first ever platform in Thailand. With this step, JD’s plan to expand its operation in South East Asia is becoming more and more successful.

Central Group, which is one of Thailand’s leading retailers, partnered up with and launched a new shopping platform for all the Thai customers. The platform, which is called “JD Central”, made a successful launch last year in Thailand, although official testing was started in as early as July last year. During the testing, JD Central’s direct sales and marketplace models were tested. JD Central’s biggest hits include digital products, books, fashion items, music, appliances, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG): beverages, processed food, toiletries, and other products.

JD Central’s platform is a success, with the traffic composing of 80% phone users. In addition, products from leading Chinese electronic brands such as OnePlus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei were all popular products in Thailand. Mobile accessories and other mobile products are also hot items on the platform. During the launching, last September, JD Central’s sales became one of the biggest sales recorded to both JD and Central Group. JD Central launching last year has been a very great success.

Because of JD Central’s success story, JD wastes no time to make their services more appealing to their customers. Known for having one of the most efficient and fastest logistic systems in the world, already decided to level up the services in the platform. One such plan is implementing same-day delivery for orders made in Bangkok. JD’s 6-hour rule or the same-day delivery is being implemented in China, regardless of location.

Vincent Yang, JD Central’s Chief Executive Officer believes that this JD-Central Group partnership will revolutionize shopping in Thailand and will enable the best customer service. Just like, JD Central only offers 100% authentic products. Vipshop, which is one of China’s apparel, is now negotiating with JD Central for a future partnership.

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How Neurocore is Changing the Landscape for Athletic Training

Remember how athletes used to train for only a couple hours a day, with the training only being focused on their specific sport?

Can’t think back to such a time? We couldn’t either.

Those days are long gone where football players didn’t use to do weight training with the thought of “What’s the purpose of it?”. Now, no matter what sport does an athlete play, their training involves weight training. It’s just a given.

It’s because this improvement to their health enhances the athlete’s ability to obtain their targeted objectives. It adds to the overall “feel good” line of thought, and works as a motivational as well as a supportive factor.

Neurocore, a behavioral health organization based in Livonia, Michigan, is aiming to make brain training just as integral of a part of athletic training.

What is Brain Training?

Brain training is implemented through biofeedback and neurofeedback. Just like physical training, it puts the brain through some exercises to enhance functions. But unlike physical training, the brain doesn’t have to go through exertive actions such as lifting any weights.

Instead, Neurocore implements brain training by simply allowing its “trainees” to watch a movie. During this very normal movie-watching experience, the participant is connected to some monitoring equipment.

This monitoring equipment tells the scientists or brain trainers when the trainee’s mind wanders off of focus from the movie. When it does, the trainees are given biofeedback to slow their breathing or deepen it, while also being tracked by the neurofeedback equipment.

The brain then slowly settles itself back into focus. Through repeated exercises, the focus gets better and better. And as it does, the overall brain functions are enhanced as well. This translates to better athletic performance, and an optimal restorative resting experience.

Due to these reasons, Neurocore and its team are hopeful that this non-invasive brain training would be a part of an athlete’s regime soon.

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Organo Gold Helping The Little Guy

One of the most successful companies in America who creates opportunities and small business owners is called Organo Gold. The opportunities extends to internet business owners, bloggers, and influencers. The main goal of Organo Gold is to help it’s independent contractors to gain wealth and to attain financial freedom. The independent contractors for the organization are provided with various products to sell such as beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. The independent contractor also has the option to earn some extra cash or to expand a pre-existing online business. One of the benefits of doing business with Organo Gold is that besides owning your own business you also have a flexible schedule where you can spend more time with your family.

The company offers its independent contractors seven ways to get paid. This creative pay method is why the Organo Gold is so effective and has set the standard in the industry. Organo Gold also offers their distributors the opportunity to operate in any country that Organo itself operates. This essentially gives the distributor access to over 50 countries to do business with. Organo has provided its independent contractors with two of the best pay structures in the marketing industry. The two systems are the dual team structure and the Unilevel Plan. The dual team structure rewards overall sales volume and the Unilevel plan includes powerful generational, matching, and global pool bonuses.

Organo has integrated both these systems so the independent contractors can make large earnings, immediate earnings, and long-term life-changing residuals. This company is doing everything to share the wealth with the everyday hard-working independent contractor. The company allows their independent contractors to earn up to 50% of the profits that is paid daily or weekly.

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Article Title: And New AI Based Companies

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Chinese ecommerce platform recently announced that the first round of its artificial intelligence (AI) support initiative, dubbed as AI Accelerator, has seen over 80 percent of participants deploying their solutions successfully.

The AI Accelerator was the latest effort in a long line of recent initiatives taken by The conglomerate has become one of the most prominent names in the technology sector in China, and is slowly expanding its reach across the globe with its foray into innovative technologies.

What is the AI Accelerator?

Simply put, the AI Accelerator is a financing division for startups that also specializes in providing supportive functions to these companies. This means that in addition to funding, the accelerator also helps its chosen startups and companies via its resources in legal, marketing, product, marketing, as well as training and development divisions.

This way, the AI Accelerator makes sure that firms have all the resources they may require in order to succeed in their development efforts.

In the initial round of this initiative, which started in August 2018, had enrolled 16 participants who had wanted to develop AI-based solutions.

By allowing them to have access to its various divisions and resources, including but not limited to its databases and algorithms, supplemented their growth in a propitious manner.

From there, these firms were able to deploy solutions through various businesses that catered to everyday use cases. For instance, one such solution that has been developed is 9KaCha, a wine search catalog. In this app, users could snap the picture of a bottle of wine they want to know more about or purchase on their own, and are provided with relevant results instantly.

Similar to this wine search app, has been able to supplement the development for many other solutions. With the success that it has seen in the first round of this initiative, the conglomerate is now focusing on the second round of the AI Accelerator.

This second round will see 17 participants making use of the resources that the has to offer. The technologies that will be explored under the lens of AI include but are not limited to 3D vision and online video.

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Article Title: The impact of Sussex Healthcare to the society

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Sussex Healthcare has been committed to development since its establishment. The institution has been monitoring its health services and is looking forward to improving them. The executive team has a goal to offer the best amenities to its users, which shall be economical and of high quality. The health organization believes that communication is an important aspect of the success of an organization. In this aspect, they are focused to offer their staff and clients with transparent details to their changes and operations. Visit

Every household under the supervision of Sussex Healthcare has a skilled staff that ensures problems are curbed responsibly. They also improve the state of the patients and make a positive contribution to the lives of the occupants. Sussex Healthcare is looking forward to making amendments to its operations. This is because they want to satisfy their clients’ needs and also surpass their competitors in terms of services offered. The skillful staff that operates directly with occupants are making progress. They have changed some services and improved their methods of handling the occupants.

The IT specialists are putting their best effort to ensure the technical elements at households are functioning. In addition, manage IT administration jobs and create a ticket with a reference number. This allows operations to move systematically as the documents are well arranged. They urge staff members to tell them about any adjustments that require their skills so as they can remedy them. Sussex Healthcare is giving opportunities to the society through employing health specialists in their region. Currently, they are searching for nurses and care assistants who will join them to ensure they improve their clients’ conditions.

The firm assists and supports its employees in their education while working. Through this support, workers have been elevated to a management position due to their education and experience at work. The company offers workers with bonuses when they recommend a skilled employee and they get signed with the firm. The Oomph is an institution that shall support Sussex Healthcare to improve the output and quality of operations. It will be a huge development since they will bring in new concepts to the health institution. Continue reading

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Article Title: About Richard Liu, Founder

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Richard Liu is the COO and founder of, an e-commerce platform in China. In 1996, he graduated with a degree in Sociology from Renmin University of China but spent much of his time acquiring computer programming skills. In 1998, he opened Jingdong, a shop in that distributed magneto-optical products in Beijing. By 2003, the company was making annual revenues of approximately $9 million USD. Moreover, it had grown to twelve stores across Shenyang, Shangai, and Beijing.

However, after the SARS outbreak, Liu was forced to reconsider a brick and mortar business model. In 2004, was established. By the end of 2005, he closed all the stores and focused on e-commerce where the company sold a wide range of consumer goods besides electronics.In 2007, Richard Liu built a national logistic system that made last mile deliveries. This came after he realized there was a Chinese company that delivered products to most parts of China but at a high-end cost.

By 2014, JD has opened about 3210 delivery and pick-up stations. This allows to validate the quality of goods sold hence boosting consumer trust. Today, is China’s leading online direct sales firm as far as revenue is concerned. Richard Liu has received numerous prestigious awards like the 2011 China Economic Person of the Year, 2011 Chinese Business Leader and 2012 Chinese Businessman. Additionally, he has been named in Fortune’s list of “World’s Greatest Leaders” and is popular on world-class forums for giving insights on innovation trends in the retail sector.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Knows There’s More to Do With

Richard Liu Qiangdong and is one company that individuals will have to continue to watch as they look at e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, Overstock, eBay and other competitors within the space of e-commerce.

Richard Liu Qiangdong and his crew over at will continue to make a splash within the sector as they stay lean, nimble and agile and continue to do great work within the space.

The company grew from a small retail operation to netting large revenues in billions on a yearly basis. The company is certainly one that investors should take a look at to learn from and get into the details of how to grow a company in the present digital world.

The pivotal shift took place when the SARS event took place, the company had no choice but to go online. Going online was one of the best options for the company as it would help to accelerate the company forward into a new age.
Let us study some of the interesting events of Richard Liu Qiangdong and’s history to glean some information about its progress. in 2012

Richard Liu Qiangdong knew that was growing and he knew that he had to keep pushing forward on a daily basis. Each moment mattered because each moment would mean revenues and the potential to do more interesting innovations. 2012 was certainly a pivotal year for because it was able to become an international brand. In 2012, the company went by the name of and chose to stay with that name as they moved forward. The company chose to change the domain name to a year later. in 2014

2014 would be another pivotal year for, the company was able to receive more interest and support from another industry giant, Tencent. Tencent purchased a 15% stake in with cash while also giving a few of their e-commerce businesses. The idea was that and Richard Liu Qiangdong had a better idea of how to navigate these businesses and more value could be accrued if the right people were in charge of the situation.


Hyland’s New Oral Pain Relief Teething Tablets

Many parents know that there is nothing more annoying than seeing your child in pain. Parents reach for products to relieve teething pain from their children. They do this to bring them back to normal and eliminate pain. However, most parents do not know the danger they put their children through when they use wrong products. The market is flooded with numerous teething tablets and parents are spoilt for choice. FDA warns that using some teething products can harm your baby instead of helping.

Hyland’s is a medical brand that creates products using natural ingredients for the entire family. It recently released the teething tablets to ease teething pain. The tablets are put under the baby’s tongue and give instant relief. The teething tablets are ideal because they are safe for babies and affordable. Hyland’s teething tablets use natural active ingredients which make them safe for children.

They use chamomile, which eases irritability and coffee seeds to help babies sleep well. Hyland’s teething tablets are small and soft which dissolve instantly to give relief. Their size makes them suitable for babies. Parents can trust Hyland’s teething tablets because they improve babies’ sleep, and allow parents to get some rest too. The teething tablets do not have artificial flavors or parabens.

Hyland’s was started in 1903 and started selling products in 1990. It has medical professionals who research and test products to assess whether they are safe for use. It values patients and their welfare. Over the years, it has improved its products to meet market demands. Hyland’s Teething Tablets offer temporary relief for symptoms of tooth sensitivity and soreness or swelling. The company understands the struggles and pain parents go through when babies fall sick or start teething. It wants to make parenting memorable by alleviating pain and allowing mothers to enjoy every bit of parenthood.

Active ingredients in Hyland’s teething tablets include Calcarea, arnica, Ferrum, and machommila. Ferrum relieves oral discomfort, and swelling gum. Calcarea also tackles swelling gums and sensitivity while arnica deals with soreness and swelling. Active ingredients in Hyland’s teething products are safe for babies.

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Madison Street Capital Advisors: The best in investment banking business

Madison Street Capital is a private international investment banking firm. The firm has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. During the M&A Annual Turnaround Awards, the M&A advisor made the grand announcement that Madison Street Capital won the Deal of the Year Award. The award serves to recognize and appreciate outstanding performance portrayed by Madison Street Capital while helping at Sachs Capital Group, on its take of RMG Networks as an exclusive advisor.




The co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway seized the moment to thank and congratulate his colleagues for the exemplary results. Besides, he reassured the public of the firm’s ability to help the client meet their specialized needs. According to the Founder of the M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo, the award spotlighted the best of the distressed investing and reorganization industry in 2018. He insisted that the award was a recognition for the hard work and efforts made by Madison Street Capital. The award depicts the firm’s ability to navigate and close complex transactions.




M&A Advisors named winners in various categories such as Restructuring of the Year, Transaction of the Year amongst others representing a group of 275 competing companies. The awarding ceremony is scheduled to be a black-tie gala. The 2019 M&A Advisor Distressed Investing Summit will be on March 28 in Palm Beach.




Madison Street Capital is a privately-owned banking firm whose bankers work closely with clients as trusted partners. The firm prioritizes negotiating and transaction restructuring to meet client demands. Madison Street Capital reputation as a leading investment banking group gives it a competitive advantage. Madison street capital capitalizes on middle-market firms in need of flexible and effective funding solutions with a corporate value attached. The capital structures at the firm reflect various sources such as venture capital groups, commercial banks, angel investors and other credit providers.




Knowledge, experience, and extensive client relationships to match existing market investments mark Madison Street Capital reputation. Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions advisory. Madison Street Capital’s professionals put in place the appropriate capitalization and financing structure to cover each, and every unique client business needs. Madison Street Capital successfully execute all kinds of marketing and corporate financing. The professionals make this possible due to their vast experience in growth and working capital, mergers, and acquisitions, debt restructuring, and acquisitions as well as other financing services.


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A look into Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg works at New Residential Investment Corporation as the chairman of the board and the President and Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed as chair in 2016, just three years after he was named C.E.O and President. It is not unusual, however, for a person with his experience to head such a big corporation. He has in the past held similar executive positions and excelled.

Previous jobs held

Before joining New Residential Investment Corp. in 2013, Mike worked at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He joined the bank in 2008 and over the years went on to hold positions heading Global Mortgages and Securitized Products. Prior to joining the bank, Mike Nierenberg held a similar position at JP Morgan, where he also served in the management committee that governed the investment banking branch.

The longest he has ever stayed on a job was when he worked for fourteen years at Bear Stearns. There, for two years starting 2006, he was a board member of the Board of Directors. For seven years before joining Bear Stearns, Mike Nierenberg worked at the most prestigious financial service firms in America, the Lehman Brothers. Other positions he holds currently are at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation where he is chair and at Fortress where he serves as the Managing Director.

Nierenberg at the New Residential Investment Corporation

Mike Nierenberg has, for all his life, worked in the finance sector, and with his experience of over thirty years, the fifty-six-year-old has a lot to offer to the Corporation.

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