How Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Redefining Cosmetic Surgery Practice

A quick scan through @drjenniferwalden Instagram account gives a good impression of how technology is helping millions of people through reconstructive surgeries. Through this Instagram account, Dr. Jennifer Walden shares some inspirational stories about the positive results of her profession. Over the years, Dr. Walden has gained followers due to her approach to work and helping thousands of people. Her current following stand at 265,000 followers, which is impressively great for a brand like hers. On her Instagram stories, she is always educating people on aesthetic plastic surgeries. On the section (Instagram stories), she gives unmatched insights on what happens during reconstructive surgeries. In addition to Instagram stories, she has 2,460 posts, which blend work with her life as a mother of twins.

What makes Dr. Jennifer Walden an exceptional professional in this medical niche? First, she is part of medical societies around the USA. Through bodies such as American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the vast American Society of Plastic Surgeons, she is able to keep up with the latest in surgery world. It is also from these two bodies that Dr. Jennifer Walden gets updates on the legality of some aspects of the medical world. She has also served in these bodies at different capacities. This makes Dr. Jennifer Walden not only the best surgeon but also a great administrator in the medical field.

Another reason why Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to have an incomparable impact on the aesthetic plastic surgery world is her approach to this professional. Many medical pundits have described her as the future of aesthetic plastic surgery. She has a strong personality, discipline, and Dr. Jennifer Walden has one of the best working code of ethics. Interestingly, she is one of the few female aesthetic plastic surgeons rewriting the position of female professionals in this medical niche with a high number of male professionals.

Finally, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a product of the best medical institutions in the USA. She is both a medical graduate and a fellow to one of the most authoritative medical bodies. She has a good working experience with The University of Texas Southwestern and the famous New York University.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Always Strove To Be At The Forefront Of Her Field:

Well known for working out of the Texas city of Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden has a reputation as a nationally recognized face in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a regular commentator in the media and well as a diligent researcher. She has also worked hard to found her own highly successful plastic surgery practice that is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. One of the areas that Dr. Jennifer Walden is of particular note is as being an early adopter of the practice of using lasers to perform vaginoplasties as well as labiaplasties. Beyond her revolutionary work in the plastic surgery field, Dr. Jennifer Walden also has a significant reputation for being a doctor that truly cares deeply about the well being of her patients.

Dr. Walden herself grew up in the Austin area and eagerly pursued a medical career when she entered college. She did a critical fellowship in New York City after gaining her medical degree but then returned back to her hometown of Austin to set up her practice. Her patients have certainly benefited from this as they frequently report that the quality of care they received at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Austin practice was second to none.

The fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden is the rare case of a female in plastic surgery is also something that her patients enjoy. A large percentage of her patients are women and they often report feeling very comfortable with having Dr. Jennifer Walden there to reassure them and devise the best course of action for them to gain their desired results. Dr. Walden has a really deep insight into the female mind that makes her an ideal person for plastic surgery patients to turn to when they are looking to achieve a certain look.

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Regaining Confidence Through The Help Of Plastic Surgery

Dr Jennifer Walden is a board certified professional plastic surgeon in the Austin, TX area. After completing schooling, training, and her fellowship in New York City she began working there but eventually returned to her hometown in Austin in 2011. There she opened her own private practice. Harper’s Bazaar named her one of the “24 Best Beauty Surgeons” in 2014 and American Way recognized her as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America”. Not only is she a talented plastic surgeon, she is also a co-author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Her driving force is her passion to help women regain confidence they may have lost or never felt to begin with. As a female plastic surgeon, she can relate to her female patients and has also experienced some of the same issues they are going through. She is the mother of twin boys and went through some of the same changes in her body after giving birth that a lot of her patients come to talk with her about. This gives her understanding and empathy for her patients. She is kind and caring and always makes sure her patients are well informed before making any kind of decision about surgery. A very large percentage of patients are women and she’s often been told by them that they are more comfortable discussing their issues with her because she is a woman. To top it all off she has a long history of preforming successful procedures and surgeries. Her goal is to always make every person that walks through the doors of her practice look and feel better!

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