Texas Super Doctors- Dr. Jennifer Walden Instagram

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon located at Austin, Texas. She owns and operates MedSpas in Austin and NYC. Dr. Walden’s Instagram account has over 2,500 shared posts with over 264,000 followers. Dr. Walden shares posts about her practice, before and after pictures, and few family pictures. Dr. Walden shares pictures on skin tightening, butt lifting, cellulite treatments, rhinoplasty, fat removal and other procedures.

Dr. Walden uses captions on her photos that answer many questions followers may have. Her captions include information about the procedure such as recovery time, how long the results last, and the price. One post that really caught my attention was the Emsculpt Plus Thermismooth. This procedure is equivalent to 20,000 crunches/squats since it targets both the buttock and abs. This procedure only takes 30 minutes to melt fat and tighten the skin. She’s offering this package for $3,000 to the first 20 individuals to book. She also has a picture with a lot of engagements on lip filers. She stated that it may take 2 weeks to recover from any bruising and that the appointment may take up to 30 minutes. Dr. Walden posted a before and after photo about an anti-wrinkles treatment. In this post, she included the recovery time, and how long the procedure may last. She also explained how this treatment works. At the end of every post she included the contact information for potential clients to contact her. One other before and after picture that really caught my attention is the Sculpture Fat Removal Treatment. She has a before and after picture of a woman who seems thinner after the treatment. Dr. Walden explained how this procedure works in her post and some savings her Instagram followers can receive.