Hyland’s New Oral Pain Relief Teething Tablets

Many parents know that there is nothing more annoying than seeing your child in pain. Parents reach for products to relieve teething pain from their children. They do this to bring them back to normal and eliminate pain. However, most parents do not know the danger they put their children through when they use wrong products. The market is flooded with numerous teething tablets and parents are spoilt for choice. FDA warns that using some teething products can harm your baby instead of helping.

Hyland’s is a medical brand that creates products using natural ingredients for the entire family. It recently released the teething tablets to ease teething pain. The tablets are put under the baby’s tongue and give instant relief. The teething tablets are ideal because they are safe for babies and affordable. Hyland’s teething tablets use natural active ingredients which make them safe for children.

They use chamomile, which eases irritability and coffee seeds to help babies sleep well. Hyland’s teething tablets are small and soft which dissolve instantly to give relief. Their size makes them suitable for babies. Parents can trust Hyland’s teething tablets because they improve babies’ sleep, and allow parents to get some rest too. The teething tablets do not have artificial flavors or parabens.

Hyland’s was started in 1903 and started selling products in 1990. It has medical professionals who research and test products to assess whether they are safe for use. It values patients and their welfare. Over the years, it has improved its products to meet market demands. Hyland’s Teething Tablets offer temporary relief for symptoms of tooth sensitivity and soreness or swelling. The company understands the struggles and pain parents go through when babies fall sick or start teething. It wants to make parenting memorable by alleviating pain and allowing mothers to enjoy every bit of parenthood.

Active ingredients in Hyland’s teething tablets include Calcarea, arnica, Ferrum, and machommila. Ferrum relieves oral discomfort, and swelling gum. Calcarea also tackles swelling gums and sensitivity while arnica deals with soreness and swelling. Active ingredients in Hyland’s teething products are safe for babies.

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