New York Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Explains Why He Limits Himself To Extraordinary Cases

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York City attorney who started his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. His firm is focused on executive compensation. He advises C-level executives at companies across New York including some of the biggest corporations in the world. He also provides his legal advice to corporate boards and compensation advisory committees.

Due to his extensive experience in regards to executive compensation, Jeremy Goldstein was selected by the American Bar Association Business Section to chair their Mergers and Acquisitions sub-committee. This is due to his being an advisor to a number of the biggest corporate deals to occur in the past ten years as well as his status as one of America’s leading executive compensation lawyers.

He had been working for one of New York’s leading law firms when he decided to start his own law firm. He says that he had been aware that a number of executive compensation consulting firms had split off from other organizations and had been quite successful. He didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t do the same as an attorney and so decided to take the plunge.

Jeremy Goldstein works a lot of hours each week. He says that the only way to really and truly provide the best advice to his clients is to really get to know them. By doing so he can provide the best legal advice possible about what they should do with their careers and what pay and benefits they should be seeking.

He says that in his career there aren’t any short cuts. The things he does such as negotiating, advising, and drafting legal documents is time-consuming. He has to consider many factors such as how his client’s family will be affected. Jeremy Goldstein says it takes his full dedication to help his clients as well as 24 hour availability.

In order to assure that he can meet each clients needs he limits the number of cases he takes on at any particular time. He would rather forgo earning additional money than not be able to take care of his client’s needs. Jeremy Goldstein says that as a consequence it means that he is usually involved in extraordinary transactions involving S&P 500 companies, usually mergers and acquisitions. These are the types of cases that benefit from his specific skills and experiences.


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