OSI Food Solutions is committed to satisfying its clients by giving them the best food products that they can find in the market. To achieve this, OSI needs to be in the know of upcoming trends consistently to meet the expectations of its customers. OSI Food Solutions is a renowned organization that provides food products to big restaurants and companies. OSI Food Solutions started as a meat market in a small town in Illinois. It was founded by Otto Kolchwosky who moved from Germany to the USA. Otto needed a source of income and decided to venture into the meat business. What started as a small business has grown into a vast and successful; company.

OSI Food Solution stands out due to its devotion to providing high quality products only to clients. It is this same dedication that propelled OSI Food Solutions to greater heights since the beginning.The company was previously named Otto & Sons and was situated in Oak Park. Otto & Sons became a favorite to locals since it provided the best meat within the region. Within a short period, Otto& Sons had begun providing meat to other areas in Illinois. OSI has different bases of operation in several foreign countries.

To effectively serve customers in these counties, OSI Food Solutions employs people from within the community so that customers can relate better with them. This is a significant part of a business that most global organizations ignore and tend to treat foreign countries in the same manner that they would like the USA. This often leads to failure, but OSI can foresee this and therefore hires local aid. It is common for people in foreign areas to be more comfortable being served with their people than with foreigners who don’t understand their customs.

OSI has a vision of becoming the number one food provider organization in the world. The company has partnerships with warehouses, farms, poultry processing companies, and processing plants that help OSI to achieve its vision. OSI’s breakthrough into the market was through a partnership that it had with a burger restaurant, MacDonald’s.

OSI Food Solutions Expansion Efforts

OSI Food Solutions is a global company based in the United States and deals with the processing of Consumer goods of high quality ensuring that they gain confidence and trust in the company. They have headquarters based in Illinois and since 1909 OSI has been active serving customers with various type of foods at low costs. With Sheldon Lavine and David McDonald as the CEO and president respectively OSI has managed to help millions of customers with the best burgers and other foods. OSI began as a family business, but with time and partnership with reliable suppliers, they have established many facilities across the globe.

The primary focus of OSI is meeting the needs and demands of their customers across the globe. The management team strives to ensure there is a consistent expansion in the company to promote access of their goods by the customers. OSI Food Solutions has been rated high for their contribution to society. They have developed about 16 facilities in 17 countries creating job opportunities for more than 10, 000 employees all devoted and dedicated to making significant contributions to the company.

The history of OSI Food Solutions began with Otto Kolschowsky an immigrant living in Chicago; he started a small retail butchery that later expanded establishing other retail shops in Chicago. After handing over the responsibility to his sons, they partnered with the McDonald Franchise to supply the restaurants with meat. With the expansion of the McDonald Business, Otto Sons had also to expand their business to meet the supply demand. Later there was the need to change the name of the company since they had signed an agreement meant to last for long.

Over the years OSI Food Solutions have formed various Joint ventures to expand their services, some of the companies include the Alaska Milk Corporation as well as the General Million Corporation. Some of the country’s OSI has established facilities include China and India. Their primary aim is to ensure that all their customers can access fresh foods. With modern technologies for processing and preservation, OSI has been able to increase logistics.


Information About, OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group is a company that processes food since it was founded in the year 1909. OSI Group is located in Illinois in the United States. OSI Group was initially selling meat products when it was established, but the company has now branched to several other food products such as vegetables, pastries, meat pies, dough products, and hot-dogs.

OSI Group ensures customer satisfaction at all times when delivering food products and this they do through partnerships with other top food retailers. One food retailer that OSI Group has maintained a long-lasting relationship with is McDonalds. The first McDonalds joint was started by Roy Kroc in 1995. He was just an entrepreneur at the time and had talked with OSI to be his main suppliers of meat products. The partnership was at the time not official as McDonalds was just starting out.

Later on, Roy Kroc was able to make the partnership between OSI Group and McDonalds official when he purchased McDonalds from its owner. This way OSI Group McDonalds became a partnership. OSI Group McDonalds was responsible with transportation of food products to the different chains in the different parts of the country. McDonalds was quickly gaining recognition in the US, and it was opening up joints in various parts. OSI Group McDonalds had to deliver products to all these parts while at the same time maintain consistency and deliver sufficient items that can satisfy their clients. With this, McDonalds was sure that they can meet their demands. The long distance between the different McDonalds spots was proving to become a challenge.

OSI Group McDonalds finally has innovated their technology and use modern methods such as flash freezing to ensure the products transported are of quality and are consistent. The innovation in technology has brought a lot of new opportunities for both companies in terms of growth and expansion of the network. OSI Group has gone to the extent of creating a warehouse that purely produces products meant for McDonalds. This relationship is very strong and ongoing up to now. OSI Group ensures that the products sold to customers are healthy and safe.


How OSI Food Solutions Makes Remarkable Performance in the Food Industry

On November 25, 2016, OSI Food Solutions was among 18 recipients of the 2016 British Safety Councils Awards at a function in Drapers’ Hall London. The Global of Honor award recognizes the companies and organizations that observe strict environmental management processes in their operations. OSI Food Solutions is among many companies that put in place strict strategies that ensure perfect environmental management in its 65 facilities in 17 countries. Each company that received the award completed and passed the management audit scheme done by the British Safety Council between August 2015 and July 2016 by achieving a rating of five stars. The panelists overseeing the process were satisfied that these companies excelled in their environmental management practices starting from the shop floors to their office boardrooms.

The Award winning company OSI Food Solutions made tremendous achievement by making total sales of $6.1 billion in the same year. The results put the company at position 58 in the Forbes list of Top 100 companies in America. The company made outstanding efforts to increase its sales in that year. Among the steps that the company took include merging and acquiring like-minded companies to enhance the smooth supply of its products that so the rise of sales in a significant way. Among the successful acquisitions was the deal between the company and Baho Foods. The Dutch-based company specialized in deli meat, snacks, dips and other foods that made it qualify to collaborate with OSI. Additionally, the company has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany that boosted the sales of OSI n 2016. The five subsidiaries serve 18 countries that mean the process opened a new market to OSI Food Solutions.

Another acquisition that also targeted the European market involved Flagship Europe in the same year. The company made and more expansion efforts in different regions globally apart from Europe. However, the company also upgrades the current plants to boost production like in the case of its Toledo Spain plant. The company upgraded the plant to improve the supplies for the rising demand for its products in Spain and Portugal. The production of the facility doubled to 24,000 tons annually from 12,000 tons. The facility that specializes in other products like beef and pork products made an increase in total production to 45,000 tons annually.