Equities First Holdings Lending

The Daily Forex Report has an interesting article on a company who offers stock-based loans which are not based business or individual credit. The new type of lending isn’t even based on traditional margin based loans, and offers a more favorable fixed interest rate that is around 3.5%. The company that is behind this revolutionary form of lending is a company that has been active for the last 16 years. Equities First Holdings is the name of the company, and on their resume they have handled over $1.4 billion in global transactions. Alternative lending is still in its baby stage of development, but it will prove to become a common form of lending for companies and individuals who might not qualify for other forms of credit based lending. For some entities, they simply might not want to use business or personal credit for loans.

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How Contactless Cards From PSI-Pay Is Changing The Landscape Of Payment Solutions Across The Globe

In the current cyberage, every business is adopting a digital platform for easy online payments. The businesses have to open a separate merchant account for accepting payments through credit cards which are the widely used mode of payment across the globe. After the 2008 recessions, users of digital payment portals and credit/debit cards have worried about identity theft ever since.


PSI-Pay Ltd. is a cybersecurity conglomerate that integrates a highly secure system into the payment models for ensuring complete protection. This benefit is achieved through in-depth analysis of behavioral and transactional data.


The British Retail Consortium recently discloses a study which stated that over 50% of the population in Britain buy commodities using credit cards. PSI-Pay partnered with Kerv Wearables to invent highly sophisticated and secure devices or wearables for contactless payments. Studies show that with increasing number of stores in the United Kingdom, the fastest check-out option in the current market is the contactless payment technology. This being said, it is also observed that the usage of coins and notes in the country have gone lower and will continue to do so with PSI-Pay’s revolutionary payment models.


The mechanism of contactless payment tech dictates that it utilizes the details of a credit/debit card to make payments through devices that can be wearable. The perfect instance of this technology is the comfortable and customizable ring, developed by Kerv Wearables which makes use NFC and RFID technology to fortify the security features. The only action required by the customer before checking out is a tap on a point of service (pos) terminal.


The superfast and highly convenient technology has a cap on the daily transactions thus protecting users from unauthorized transactions. The highest amount of transaction at one go depends on the country and the bank of the customer. As reported by the UK Cards Asociation, last year, a whopping 108 million contactless cards entered the space with 500,000 operational bank terminals for card transactions in the country.


PSI-Pay is absolutely sure that the contactless payments models is the thing of the future, and will start dominating the world in the years to come. Monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority UK, PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that is a global provider of digital accounts and sophisticated payment options to its customers.


The employees at PSI-Pay have a vast experience and understanding of the market trends and technical aspects of the job. Since its inception in 2007, the firm works in alignment with transparency, productivity, and dedication.





Graeme Holm are Rebecca Walker Continuously Helping Australians

From being established by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013, Infinity Group Australia has turned out to be one of Australia’s quickest developing organizations, helping innumerable Australians pay off their dues, enhance their own funds, and secure their fates. Nowadays, just a long time since it propelled, Infinity Group Australia has been resounding in everyone’s ears thanks to the review made by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) as a standout amongst the Most Innovative Companies for 2018.



Australia’s leader company in consultancy was judged by a board of industry specialists. Entries were evaluated on how well they address the issue they’re endeavoring to understand, the quality and uniqueness of the arrangement and the level of effect that it has in reality, and its advancement culture, system, assets, and process. The results were unbeatable and Infinity Group Australia was selected among 1,000 companies across Australia and New Zealand. The company owned by Holm and Walker ranked in the position 58 which means it is in the 5.8% of the other ones which were nominated.



The organization’s promise to the client encounter is the foundation of its prosperity, and the approach produces results: 100% of customers pay more off their home credit in the initial 3 months with Infinity Group Australia than they did in the whole a year earlier with the old bank structure. With direction and support from Infinity Group Australia, customers take out a normal of $41,000 in the red inside a year.



Walker was in charge of receiving the honor. She admitted that they were really proud of having been listed on the 2018 Most Innovative Companies List. Additionally, she thanked the Inventium and the Australian Financial Review team.



The idea of founding Infinity Group Australia started a few years ago. Holm, who has an MBA and is position as one of the 100 Top Brokers in Australia, ended up disappointed with pushing only one marked item and with Australian families accepting a poor arrangement from money related organizations. He and Walker, his partner in life and in business, joined their enthusiasm for back and their craving to show signs of improvement bargain for Australian families, and Infinity Group Australia was conceived.



Since Infinity Group Australia’s really humbling beginning with several work areas, the business has extended to incorporate five areas, one committed particularly to games and stimulation. The organization has won various honors in client administration, development, and that’s just the beginning. Learn more: https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/