Article Title: Sustainable Energy Platforms With Agera Energy

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The modern world now runs on energy – whether it comes from oil, coal, water, wind, or the sun, the world’s functions are now dependent on energy. The production, distribution and consumption of energy isn’t as simple as it sounds – this involves a lot of factors that greatly affects the environment that we live in. Which is why we must pay great attention to how we consume energy in our daily lives.

Agera Energy is a company that is dedicated to providing energy that is sustainable and efficient. Firstly, their goal is to provide an energy program for their clients that will make them regain control of their consumption and costs. Agera Energy provides alternative solutions to their clients to lower down their energy consumption, lower their costs – while still receiving the same effects and results from their former higher energy costs. Agera Energy wants to create a world that is using energy efficiently without the damaging costs to the environment.

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Article Title: OSI Food Solutions Continues To Expand

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OSI Food Solutions has been growing steadily over the past few decades, to the point that the food supplier has grown to have more than 65 facilities in 17 countries alongside over 20,000 employees. With those figures, the company has been considered one of the largest privately held business in the United States for decades. Having said that, however, the company hasn’t always been this large, and it owes much of its growth to a few key decisions that have been made ever since it was founded in 1909. At that time, the company was known as Otto and Sons and was established as tiny meat market in Oak Park, Illinois.

However, OSI Food Solutions founder Otto Kolschowsky spent a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that his products were high-quality and that his customer service was exceptional. This led to the company grew steadily over the following two decades, by which time it was relocated to Maywood and developed quite a significant reputation. With this, the food supplier soon began expanding steadily across the area. However, one of the most significant partnerships came in 1955 when the company partnered with a man named Ray Kroc, who was setting up a number of franchises for his business. These franchises would eventually form the basis of McDonald’s success, with OSI Food Solutions being one of the primary suppliers of their food.

The two companies began so intertwined that as one grew, so too did the other, which helped OSI become one of the largest meat suppliers in the country in the following years. This led to the opening of OSI Food Solutions’ first meat plant designed for a large amount of meat production. This placed the business in unique position to expand even further. This eventually led to partnerships with a few other companies alongside the existing McDonald’s relationship. Two such partnerships were with Alaska Milk Corporation and the General Million Corporation, which enabled OSI Food Solutions to expand into the Philippines. This subsequently allowed the company to continue expansion into the likes of India and China, which has further enhanced the company’s growth in recent decades.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Will Prioritize Growth In Economic Climates

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The Business Man Must Push Forward

The goal of any businessman is to continue onward. They must not simply talk the talk, they must walk the walk on a regular basis. When people see that an individual is taking action and haven’t simply just present business plan with wonderful growth prospects, when they see that there is traction within a business and customers that love the product or the service, more people are likely to come and work and invest within the company.

People like Richard Liu Qiangdong have not just proven themselves to their own self, they have proven themselves to the world. Richard Liu had to overcome variety of failures to finally get to where he is today, but the fact of the matter is that his journey has just started.

Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t simply throw around lingo like your “network is your net worth”. Richard Liu Qiangdong worked, and he worked hard. Richard Liu Qiangdong always worked hard because his parents worked hard, he saw that they set an example for him to follow and he made sure to walk in their footsteps. His parents had a business and so he chose to follow and create his own businesses as well. Did he succeed in each business? No, he did not do so well in some of his businesses, even when they were not conservative businesses but businesses like restaurants that could have succeeded.

Instead, he had to jump back into the workforce after his failures and then jump back into his own business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knew that he had to push forward, generate income, generate revenues, sell items, keep building and create something that was feasible for all relevant parties.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to do so and step by step he would progress to what would become a billion dollar company, The two principles that he practiced time and time again would be due diligence and persistence. He always did his research, took the right shots and kept moving forward no matter what.

He had no other option but to win.

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Article Title: And New AI Based Companies

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Chinese ecommerce platform recently announced that the first round of its artificial intelligence (AI) support initiative, dubbed as AI Accelerator, has seen over 80 percent of participants deploying their solutions successfully.

The AI Accelerator was the latest effort in a long line of recent initiatives taken by The conglomerate has become one of the most prominent names in the technology sector in China, and is slowly expanding its reach across the globe with its foray into innovative technologies.

What is the AI Accelerator?

Simply put, the AI Accelerator is a financing division for startups that also specializes in providing supportive functions to these companies. This means that in addition to funding, the accelerator also helps its chosen startups and companies via its resources in legal, marketing, product, marketing, as well as training and development divisions.

This way, the AI Accelerator makes sure that firms have all the resources they may require in order to succeed in their development efforts.

In the initial round of this initiative, which started in August 2018, had enrolled 16 participants who had wanted to develop AI-based solutions.

By allowing them to have access to its various divisions and resources, including but not limited to its databases and algorithms, supplemented their growth in a propitious manner.

From there, these firms were able to deploy solutions through various businesses that catered to everyday use cases. For instance, one such solution that has been developed is 9KaCha, a wine search catalog. In this app, users could snap the picture of a bottle of wine they want to know more about or purchase on their own, and are provided with relevant results instantly.

Similar to this wine search app, has been able to supplement the development for many other solutions. With the success that it has seen in the first round of this initiative, the conglomerate is now focusing on the second round of the AI Accelerator.

This second round will see 17 participants making use of the resources that the has to offer. The technologies that will be explored under the lens of AI include but are not limited to 3D vision and online video.

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Article Title: About Richard Liu, Founder

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Richard Liu is the COO and founder of, an e-commerce platform in China. In 1996, he graduated with a degree in Sociology from Renmin University of China but spent much of his time acquiring computer programming skills. In 1998, he opened Jingdong, a shop in that distributed magneto-optical products in Beijing. By 2003, the company was making annual revenues of approximately $9 million USD. Moreover, it had grown to twelve stores across Shenyang, Shangai, and Beijing.

However, after the SARS outbreak, Liu was forced to reconsider a brick and mortar business model. In 2004, was established. By the end of 2005, he closed all the stores and focused on e-commerce where the company sold a wide range of consumer goods besides electronics.In 2007, Richard Liu built a national logistic system that made last mile deliveries. This came after he realized there was a Chinese company that delivered products to most parts of China but at a high-end cost.

By 2014, JD has opened about 3210 delivery and pick-up stations. This allows to validate the quality of goods sold hence boosting consumer trust. Today, is China’s leading online direct sales firm as far as revenue is concerned. Richard Liu has received numerous prestigious awards like the 2011 China Economic Person of the Year, 2011 Chinese Business Leader and 2012 Chinese Businessman. Additionally, he has been named in Fortune’s list of “World’s Greatest Leaders” and is popular on world-class forums for giving insights on innovation trends in the retail sector.

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Hyland’s New Oral Pain Relief Teething Tablets

Many parents know that there is nothing more annoying than seeing your child in pain. Parents reach for products to relieve teething pain from their children. They do this to bring them back to normal and eliminate pain. However, most parents do not know the danger they put their children through when they use wrong products. The market is flooded with numerous teething tablets and parents are spoilt for choice. FDA warns that using some teething products can harm your baby instead of helping.

Hyland’s is a medical brand that creates products using natural ingredients for the entire family. It recently released the teething tablets to ease teething pain. The tablets are put under the baby’s tongue and give instant relief. The teething tablets are ideal because they are safe for babies and affordable. Hyland’s teething tablets use natural active ingredients which make them safe for children.

They use chamomile, which eases irritability and coffee seeds to help babies sleep well. Hyland’s teething tablets are small and soft which dissolve instantly to give relief. Their size makes them suitable for babies. Parents can trust Hyland’s teething tablets because they improve babies’ sleep, and allow parents to get some rest too. The teething tablets do not have artificial flavors or parabens.

Hyland’s was started in 1903 and started selling products in 1990. It has medical professionals who research and test products to assess whether they are safe for use. It values patients and their welfare. Over the years, it has improved its products to meet market demands. Hyland’s Teething Tablets offer temporary relief for symptoms of tooth sensitivity and soreness or swelling. The company understands the struggles and pain parents go through when babies fall sick or start teething. It wants to make parenting memorable by alleviating pain and allowing mothers to enjoy every bit of parenthood.

Active ingredients in Hyland’s teething tablets include Calcarea, arnica, Ferrum, and machommila. Ferrum relieves oral discomfort, and swelling gum. Calcarea also tackles swelling gums and sensitivity while arnica deals with soreness and swelling. Active ingredients in Hyland’s teething products are safe for babies.

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Edwin Miranda’s Contribution To Performance Marketing

Edwin Miranda has confidence in performance marketing; his main focus is to help global brands by increasing their markets, helping them establish proper customer relations and improving the number of consumers of the brand. Edwin is the CEO and founder of KOI IXS, a marketing agency. With the fast development of the future, Edwin is helping firms to grow faster and be at the top of the marketing world. As the CEO of KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda is glad to be leading a team of creative and skilled employees. Edwin uses talents and innovative ideas of his team to help achieve the firm’s vision.

Edwin Miranda ensures that his clients stay at the top of the current market by using market technology appropriately. Edwin’s day is filled with client appointments and meetings. He starts his work day at 7.30 am and proceeds into the day. He usually begins his day 5.30 am, he usually takes a morning run, keeps at par with news feeds and spends a little time with his family before finally leaving for work at 7.30 am. Edwin Miranda began working on KOI when he 21 years. He was passionate about bringing ideas to life. Therefore, he decided to work on KOI.

Edwin Miranda believes that an entrepreneur should be passionate about his work to succeed. Edwin’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to be passionate, self-driven and accept correction. According to Edwin, maturity changes how we look at things and for one to be mature enough they need to be through life’s experiences. Edwin has a schedule that helps him accomplish tasks; whether it is a simple task or a work project that will take some time to perform. Having a plan is quite useful since it will help one remember tasks they have to accomplish during the week. Success can be achieved through the schedule and to do lists.

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Agera Energy Company For Any Retail Energy Need

Agera Energy was founded in the beginning of 2014 and is located in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Agera Energy has a company size of 132 employees. It is an energy supply retail company that supplies businesses and homes with natural gas and electricity for use. The name ‘Agera’ means ‘to take action’. Currently, Agera Energy has 1.8 M customers (contracted RCEs). Agera serves from the smallest homes to the biggest industrial companies as well as any other people in between with personalize and customized products and services.

Agera Energy’s mission to simplify energy buying for its customers for good. With that in mind they support their clients fully with energy provision so that the customers can focus on their family. How cool? Agera Energy offers its clients a place where they can shop for a variety of energy supply, audit and efficiency services. They have their product designed to suit their clients perfectly. They are simple to implement and are neatly packaged with a strategy of ensuring customer building or home is not tampered with during the installation or use.

Agera Energy is dedicated towards serving the national footprint. All they want to do is offer efficient and effective process of enrollment, transparent products and simple contracts. Agera Energy seeks to set standards for all retail energy suppliers in the market and those planning to enter the market.

Agera Energy does not only benefit the customers or energy users alone. The company creates job opportunities and internships as well. Careers opportunities in Agera Energy range from senior positions to subordinates level. Some of the jobs are Senior Business Development Manager, Billing Analyst, Business Development Manager and HR just to mention a few. The remuneration is an attractive package with commissions and medical covers, depending on job offered. The company offers necessary tools and training, according to employee’s testimonials.

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Takeaways From The Fortress Investment Group Deal With SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group has been acquired by a leading Japanese investment form, SoftBank. The acquisition deal was completed after SoftBank paid $3.3 billion. The founder and CEO of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, was behind the completion of this deal. At the completion of the deal, the two firms had set the terms of agreement, and there was no doubt that the deal was aimed at bringing mutual benefits. Since the deal affected a significantly large US company, it had to go through the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Only after the approval by this committee did the acquisition deal become formal. SoftBank was required to adhere to conditions before the deal could be completed but it

Fortress Investment Group has been a successful company even before the acquisition. What this deal means is that both companies will now be in a better situation to expand their influence further. SoftBank aims to become the largest investment company in the world. Already it has invested in over 400 companies, most of them tech companies. The acquisition of the Fortress Group is seen as a departure from the norm since FIG is not a tech company. It is, however, worth noting that the addition of FIG comes as great news to SoftBank.

Fortress Investment Group is a leading alternative asset manager. It was established in 1998 by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. In 2002, they added a credit department to the company under the leadership of Peter Briger. FIG became very popular in the financial industry in 2007 when it was enlisted in the New York Stock Exchange. It recently withdrew its membership after it was acquired by a foreign company, a decision that has received support by the top management.

In the new acquisition deal, SoftBank will have limited control over the operations of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress will maintain its top leadership, and the normal operations will remain as they have always been. SoftBank is likely to benefit from the success of FIG, now that it manages over $40 billion in assets. Fortress Investment Group now has an established network in the real estate industry, and SoftBank will look to tap into this market.

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Edwin Miranda: His Experience Makes Him A Great Marketing CEO

Edwin Miranda is a name which is gaining more and more recognition lately, and this is certainly well-deserved for the ambitious CEO. He was a student and one of most highly regarded universities around, MIT, and it was there that he leaned all about biologics, the field in which he has his degree. The commercial drug market is something with which Edwin Miranda is very familiar, as he spent a great period of time in that field, specializing in quality assurance and making sure that each drug would be allowed into distribution by the FDA.

This, as one can imagine, is quite an important job when it comes to the sales of various drugs. The consumers are safe because of this type of work. Impressively, there has not been a single recall of a drug that was put into the market by Mr. Miranda. None of these products have ever caused safety issues. This accomplishment is one of the key reasons for Edwin Miranda eventually becoming a drug company vice president, which is a position that allowed him to excel to an even greater extent.

The career of Edwin Miranda today looks quite different, though. He now leads a powerful marketing firm, which is quite lucky to have it chief executive officer be someone with the unique career experiences of Mr. Miranda. Both large and small companies rely of the work of this marketing firm, and there is a lot of variance in prices due to the differences in what each company will need. Some companies will require more extensive services because they are greater in size and have several locations. Smaller companies, however, will pay the lowest prices of all the firm’s clients.

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