Tim Ioannides Talks Inspiration and the Road that Led Him to His Niche

According to Tim Ioannides he found his niche while playing plastic surgeon. Ioannides is a medical dermatologist and founder of a five location chain of medical dermatology practices. Tim’s niche is in the field of medical dermatology which focuses on skin diseases. It sets itself apart from plastic surgery in that it is not cosmetic. Dr. Ioannides treats people with tumors, cancers, and other conditions that affect the skin and surrounding areas. His work does help people look better but also cures debilitating conditions.

Tim Ioannides holds a degree in medicine from The University of Miami in their School of Medicine. He followed the degree with an internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine. He returned to U of M and completed his residency in dermatology. After graduating he joined a plastic surgery practice. It was here that the fun began.

According to Ioannides in a recent interview to Ideamench his time as a plastic surgeon helped him find his niche. He realized that he cared for the medicine more than the cosmetics. As plastic surgery puts medicine on the back-burner, Ioannides realized he could open a practice that put cosmetic on the back burner. However. Dr. Ioannides did not find success simply because of an innovative concept. He turned one location into five by being a savvy businessman.

Ioannides has fifteen years of experience in the medical field, but he also has experience in the business world as well. Focusing on customer service and allowing patients to feel safe Ioannides has built a beloved practice that people trust. His use of smart business practices has allowed him to create five ongoing operations that facilitate his love of dermatology on a grand scale. None of this would have been possible, however, if he had not gone the plastic surgery route first. By finding a niche where people needed help, Ioannides was able to create beneficial program.

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