Nicolas Krafft’s Impact On The Beauty Industry

Nicolas Krafft is a successful entrepreneur with great knowledge skills in business development. Nicolas is currently the general manager Pulp Riot International at L’Oreal which is a beauty and fashion company. Before Nicolas worked as the vice president of global business development at L’Oreal from 2014 to 2018 December. Nicolas focuses on the development and growth of L’Oreal and under his leadership the company engages in creating high-quality beauty and fashion products that attract more clients every single day. Also, Nicolas has enabled the company to develop more brands of hair products that have high demand in the beauty industry.

Nicolas Krafft plays a huge role in the development of L’Oreal through fashion exhibitions. L’Oreal has many employees who are highly skilled and dedicated to performing their tasks at the company or organization. Today L’Oreal is not only a local beauty company but also a global company as it has created markets for its products all over the world. According to Nicolas Krafft, the success of L’Oreal is due to the collective and individual efforts of the committed professional staff. Today the company invests more in the use of modern technology to market and expand the market for their beauty and fashion products. According to Nicolas, social media marketing has led to massive development and growth of their sales and marketing department.

Nicolas Krafft ensures that the company is led through transparency, integrity, courage as well as respect in all its operations. L’Oreal has been recognized as the worlds most ethical company by Ethisphere Institute as it promotes environmental advocate and sustainability for human rights. Recently L’Oreal had its second beauty and fashion show at seine river in Paris. Nicolas Krafft together with his team organized the event successfully, and it was attended by the most respectable and prominent names in the beauty and fashion industry. Most of the iconic women attended the event as well as actors who came to support the brand’s mission of diversity and creativity. According to Nicolas Krafft, the vice president of global business development, the event was a great opportunity for L’Oreal to showcase their attest beauty and fashion products. Nicolas Krafft has not only led L’Oreal to its success but has also enhanced his career.

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