OSI Food Solutions Expansion Efforts

OSI Food Solutions is a global company based in the United States and deals with the processing of Consumer goods of high quality ensuring that they gain confidence and trust in the company. They have headquarters based in Illinois and since 1909 OSI has been active serving customers with various type of foods at low costs. With Sheldon Lavine and David McDonald as the CEO and president respectively OSI has managed to help millions of customers with the best burgers and other foods. OSI began as a family business, but with time and partnership with reliable suppliers, they have established many facilities across the globe.

The primary focus of OSI is meeting the needs and demands of their customers across the globe. The management team strives to ensure there is a consistent expansion in the company to promote access of their goods by the customers. OSI Food Solutions has been rated high for their contribution to society. They have developed about 16 facilities in 17 countries creating job opportunities for more than 10, 000 employees all devoted and dedicated to making significant contributions to the company.

The history of OSI Food Solutions began with Otto Kolschowsky an immigrant living in Chicago; he started a small retail butchery that later expanded establishing other retail shops in Chicago. After handing over the responsibility to his sons, they partnered with the McDonald Franchise to supply the restaurants with meat. With the expansion of the McDonald Business, Otto Sons had also to expand their business to meet the supply demand. Later there was the need to change the name of the company since they had signed an agreement meant to last for long.

Over the years OSI Food Solutions have formed various Joint ventures to expand their services, some of the companies include the Alaska Milk Corporation as well as the General Million Corporation. Some of the country’s OSI has established facilities include China and India. Their primary aim is to ensure that all their customers can access fresh foods. With modern technologies for processing and preservation, OSI has been able to increase logistics.

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