OSI Food Solutions is committed to satisfying its clients by giving them the best food products that they can find in the market. To achieve this, OSI needs to be in the know of upcoming trends consistently to meet the expectations of its customers. OSI Food Solutions is a renowned organization that provides food products to big restaurants and companies. OSI Food Solutions started as a meat market in a small town in Illinois. It was founded by Otto Kolchwosky who moved from Germany to the USA. Otto needed a source of income and decided to venture into the meat business. What started as a small business has grown into a vast and successful; company.

OSI Food Solution stands out due to its devotion to providing high quality products only to clients. It is this same dedication that propelled OSI Food Solutions to greater heights since the beginning.The company was previously named Otto & Sons and was situated in Oak Park. Otto & Sons became a favorite to locals since it provided the best meat within the region. Within a short period, Otto& Sons had begun providing meat to other areas in Illinois. OSI has different bases of operation in several foreign countries.

To effectively serve customers in these counties, OSI Food Solutions employs people from within the community so that customers can relate better with them. This is a significant part of a business that most global organizations ignore and tend to treat foreign countries in the same manner that they would like the USA. This often leads to failure, but OSI can foresee this and therefore hires local aid. It is common for people in foreign areas to be more comfortable being served with their people than with foreigners who don’t understand their customs.

OSI has a vision of becoming the number one food provider organization in the world. The company has partnerships with warehouses, farms, poultry processing companies, and processing plants that help OSI to achieve its vision. OSI’s breakthrough into the market was through a partnership that it had with a burger restaurant, MacDonald’s.

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