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OSI Food Solutions has been growing steadily over the past few decades, to the point that the food supplier has grown to have more than 65 facilities in 17 countries alongside over 20,000 employees. With those figures, the company has been considered one of the largest privately held business in the United States for decades. Having said that, however, the company hasn’t always been this large, and it owes much of its growth to a few key decisions that have been made ever since it was founded in 1909. At that time, the company was known as Otto and Sons and was established as tiny meat market in Oak Park, Illinois.

However, OSI Food Solutions founder Otto Kolschowsky spent a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that his products were high-quality and that his customer service was exceptional. This led to the company grew steadily over the following two decades, by which time it was relocated to Maywood and developed quite a significant reputation. With this, the food supplier soon began expanding steadily across the area. However, one of the most significant partnerships came in 1955 when the company partnered with a man named Ray Kroc, who was setting up a number of franchises for his business. These franchises would eventually form the basis of McDonald’s success, with OSI Food Solutions being one of the primary suppliers of their food.

The two companies began so intertwined that as one grew, so too did the other, which helped OSI become one of the largest meat suppliers in the country in the following years. This led to the opening of OSI Food Solutions’ first meat plant designed for a large amount of meat production. This placed the business in unique position to expand even further. This eventually led to partnerships with a few other companies alongside the existing McDonald’s relationship. Two such partnerships were with Alaska Milk Corporation and the General Million Corporation, which enabled OSI Food Solutions to expand into the Philippines. This subsequently allowed the company to continue expansion into the likes of India and China, which has further enhanced the company’s growth in recent decades.

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