Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Will Prioritize Growth In Economic Climates

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The Business Man Must Push Forward

The goal of any businessman is to continue onward. They must not simply talk the talk, they must walk the walk on a regular basis. When people see that an individual is taking action and haven’t simply just present business plan with wonderful growth prospects, when they see that there is traction within a business and customers that love the product or the service, more people are likely to come and work and invest within the company.

People like Richard Liu Qiangdong have not just proven themselves to their own self, they have proven themselves to the world. Richard Liu had to overcome variety of failures to finally get to where he is today, but the fact of the matter is that his journey has just started.

Richard Liu Qiangdong didn’t simply throw around lingo like your “network is your net worth”. Richard Liu Qiangdong worked, and he worked hard. Richard Liu Qiangdong always worked hard because his parents worked hard, he saw that they set an example for him to follow and he made sure to walk in their footsteps. His parents had a business and so he chose to follow and create his own businesses as well. Did he succeed in each business? No, he did not do so well in some of his businesses, even when they were not conservative businesses but businesses like restaurants that could have succeeded.

Instead, he had to jump back into the workforce after his failures and then jump back into his own business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knew that he had to push forward, generate income, generate revenues, sell items, keep building and create something that was feasible for all relevant parties.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to do so and step by step he would progress to what would become a billion dollar company, The two principles that he practiced time and time again would be due diligence and persistence. He always did his research, took the right shots and kept moving forward no matter what.

He had no other option but to win.

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