Article Title: JD.Com And Central Group Launched “JD CENTRAL” In Thailand

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When it comes to retail and e-commerce, is one of the biggest names in China and in the whole world. Its bleeding edge technology, high quality products, and strategic partnerships helped the company became China’s largest e-commerce platform. Together with its Thai counterpart, launches its first ever platform in Thailand. With this step, JD’s plan to expand its operation in South East Asia is becoming more and more successful.

Central Group, which is one of Thailand’s leading retailers, partnered up with and launched a new shopping platform for all the Thai customers. The platform, which is called “JD Central”, made a successful launch last year in Thailand, although official testing was started in as early as July last year. During the testing, JD Central’s direct sales and marketplace models were tested. JD Central’s biggest hits include digital products, books, fashion items, music, appliances, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG): beverages, processed food, toiletries, and other products.

JD Central’s platform is a success, with the traffic composing of 80% phone users. In addition, products from leading Chinese electronic brands such as OnePlus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei were all popular products in Thailand. Mobile accessories and other mobile products are also hot items on the platform. During the launching, last September, JD Central’s sales became one of the biggest sales recorded to both JD and Central Group. JD Central launching last year has been a very great success.

Because of JD Central’s success story, JD wastes no time to make their services more appealing to their customers. Known for having one of the most efficient and fastest logistic systems in the world, already decided to level up the services in the platform. One such plan is implementing same-day delivery for orders made in Bangkok. JD’s 6-hour rule or the same-day delivery is being implemented in China, regardless of location.

Vincent Yang, JD Central’s Chief Executive Officer believes that this JD-Central Group partnership will revolutionize shopping in Thailand and will enable the best customer service. Just like, JD Central only offers 100% authentic products. Vipshop, which is one of China’s apparel, is now negotiating with JD Central for a future partnership.

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