Madison Street Capital help Sachs Capital Group

Madison Street capital is a renowned international investment banking company which has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It also has offices across the globe in continents like Africa, North America, and Asia. The company was founded in the year 2005 with its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Botchway. The company is mainly committed to leadership, excellence giving financial adviser to both private and public companies and ensuring integrity in these companies as well as improving their performance. Madison Company always responds to opportunities in time and operates professionally. It applies the approach of creating corporate financing transactions as this allows both companies engaged in the deal mutually benefit from each other. Madison Street has workers who are experts in matching appropriate financing structure and capitalization as well as matching buyers and sellers as per the situation of the client.


Madison Street Capital reputation is maintained as it offers services that will help the client to succeed me the broad global market. The services they provide include business valuation, portfolio evaluation, raising of capital, M&A Advisory, solvency opinions, financial opinions financial and operational restructuring.Furthermore the company also offers financial options and debt replacement services as well as fairness options. When Madison Capital takes a project, the objectives and goals of the client become theirs ranging from financial advisers to capital rises to transfers of ownership.


The most recent activity Madison Street has undertaken is the services they offered to Sachs Capital Group. Madison Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor to Sachs upon their merger with RMG Networks. Sachs Capital Group is a company that provides flexible Capital to performing entrepreneurs (it invests in them).On the other hand, RMG networks is a digital company which provided digital signage software and hardware. The firm also helps businesses to increase their efficiencies and productivity through elaborate engagement which they enhance it with digital messaging.


The two companies formed a merger that was aimed to increase their productivity and performance at large. They were doing some transactions which were thought to bring mutual benefits and profits to both of them. Unfortunately, one company was suffering while the other was thriving. The deal was seen to be benefiting the RMG Networks while Sachs Capital as not enjoying the fruits. Sachs Group was in a difficult situation whether to terminate the transaction or not. Madison Street Capital came in and gave financial advice to the Sachs group which finally pulled out from the merger. Madison Capital also provided the company with financing options that will help the company reclaim its initial production position.


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