Serge Belamant : The Innovator From South Africa And His Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is considered to be one of the worlds most revered and innovative minds in the world of technology, particularly that of the financial sector. Serge Belamant has been called the Steve Jobs of South Africa for the introduction of blockchain technologies. Born in Tulle, France, Serge Belamant left France due to his fathers business as a professional tiler. The move introduced Serge to a new life, culture. Although he needed to learn everything from scratch, Serge had no problem in mastering a new language. Although Serge never completed college, he would go on to work for some of the worlds leading technology companies which at the time focused on the new IBM computers and their software. This opportunity given to him led to other opportunities for Serge.

Serge’s past experiences working as an application and software developer allowed him to introduce some of the most innovative technologies in financial sector. These patented inventions by Serge essentially created what is known as the backbone of the creation of various cryptocurrencies. His technology is implemented through what are called smart cards which all carry a micro-controller that allows transmitting of an independent ledger. With this technology, banks and other financial institutions including some private users can now transfer funds faster and within a safe and secure environment.

So, what exactly is Blockchain technology? Serge Belamant describes this technology as basically a ledger that contains records that ultimately link up to cryptography. Although other forms of this technology existed, Serge Belamant’s version allows individual storage of these records that make transactions safer and more direct. However, the key component that makes this technology possible is the use of smart cards. Due to the risk of introduction technology to the masses, Serge has filed for numerous patents all over the world.

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