HGGC Continues to Lead the Way with Their “Advantaged” Investing Model

HGGC has distinguished themselves as a middle-market private equity firm that is getting things done. They are leading the way, there is no doubt about it. But how are they going about doing it? What makes them so special? Part of the reason for their success would have to be because of their Advantaged Investing” model. They use this model to find scalable businesses to invest in, and then they do so through a “multiples” model where they partner with management teams, sponsors and executives. When these individuals along with HGGC, they create a cascade effect where a multitude of interests are aligned. Co-founder Steve Young is a former NFL quarterback, and he realizes that it often takes just as much teamwork to create a successful investment portfolio as it does to win football games.

This principle can be seen readily at work with many of the reason transactions HGGC has made in the past couple of years. First of all, they completed a transaction between them and enterprise Configure Price Quote Solutions leader FPX in late 2017. This merger was originally completed in April of 2016, but the contributed this later investment to help FPX complete a smooth product development transition. HGGC also wants to see this company continue to expand globally and assist them with all of their channel and strategic partnerships. This association will continue to assist FPX with their vision of becoming a market in the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) arena. The success of FPX will also contribute to the success of HGGC because it will continue to showcase their expertise when it comes to investing in the right companies. FPX was also proud of the fact they were able to open a European office in Munich and have an increased presence in London.

The success of FPX also illustrates the success of HGGC. This middle market firm has the ability to make leveraged buyout investments in companies just like this one that have around $100 million to $1 billion in annual revenues. When this company sees a potential market leader, they do not hesitate in investing in them. It is model that has worked flawlessly.


Sussex Healthcare Updates

Sussex healthcare is a group of care homes company located in the county of Sussex in South East coast of England. The organization have control of twenty homes where they offer a variety of health services by providing support services in areas concerning occupational therapy and physiotherapy, they have care homes for elderly people whereby people with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease are also catered for. They also deal with specialized care for adults, palliative care as well as recreational and services concerning education for them with learning difficulties. Sussex healthcare services were founded in 1985 and they are still operating up to now. The organizations care homes are distributed in several cities in the united kingdom.

Regional Operations Director Replacements

In the recent past, Sussex Healthcare limited decided to introduce new staff in their organization branch at the Rapkyns home care. where by Martin Hill comes in as the new regional operations director. Considering his great experience and expertise in the field and it is undoubtedly a great move because Martin Taylor is passionate when it comes to matters providing quality services. Martin hill’s new job will have him circulate his services to three distinct Sussex Health care locations, he will have to deal with the Laurels and the sycamore, the Granary as well as the day center in the Grange.

At the Laurels and the sycamore have all the praises for the staff located there as they have continued to work tirelessly to ensure that there was great care for people that rely on SHC are supported.

The day center staff located at the grange have started on the learning medication pathways for them to enhance their ways of offering services.

At the granary Martin Taylor did what he does best, appreciating people who offer quality services as there were changes in team management leader.

Sussex Healthcare branch Wisteria stable home received a new manager after staying without a manager for quite some time. Shona King brings along his experience and competence as a manager in this field.There was also the arrival of Shane duck who was to act as the acting manager at the Kingsmead Lodge.

About Sussex Healthcare: www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Sussex-Health-Care/reviews

How James Dondero has Redefined Corporate Operations

Diversification in services is one of the most efficient ways to determine whether a management team is dynamic and trendy or not. James Dondero has been at the center stage of this diversification over the years, and it is therefore correct to state that he is one of the best investment managers of our time. Some of the areas Dondero is passionate about are collateralized loan obligation for different entities, and  he passionate about offering progressing credit-oriented solutions. These two services according to him have enabled many companies to expand in their capacity as well as getting back to profit-making direction. These contributions, however, have been possible through Highland Capital Management.

The University of Virginia has always been interested in making companies profitable even after having a hard economic past. His passion for high-end investment companies and entities has enabled him to work with some of the biggest companies. Working for these companies according to James Dondero gives him joy because he loves seeing big companies back to operations. Apart from his education, the companies have always trusted James Dondero because his working record of accomplishment in this specific niche is one of the best. In addition, his work in American Express according to pundits elevated him to the global standards.

In addition to his busy life at Highland Capital Management, the investment guru Dondero has other interests in life. For example, James Dondero sits in different types of management teams and boards. Since he is a firm adherent of education and mentorship, he has been part of Southern Methodist University community for some time. In this particular board, he is in charge of ensuring that the policies the community adapts are in line with the changing world of business. James Dondero also believes in giving back to the community. According to him, this is one of the ways to stay connected with the world. He is part of the philanthropy world, and the following are some of the areas he is passionate about health apart from education. He is a strong believer that the corporate world should invest more on veterans’ affairs.

Agera Energy- Making your World Brighter

Agera Energy serves residential and commercial establishments across the USA. The company supplies electricity and natural gas.

Agera Energy was founded in the year 2014. The company is a private company with headquarters in Briarcliff Manor New York. The company has over 200 satisfied employees. They offer a fair pay structure to employees and create an environment where employees can succeed. They have well-trained sales personnel and a very efficient customer service representatives in the energy industry.


Agera energy has grown over the last four years and become a leading energy supplier across the USA and has over 700,000 commercial and industrial customers today. The company has also millions of residential customers. They also provide utility invoice audits for both commercial and residential establishments across the USA.

Agera Energy is a company committed to philanthropy and have a campaign called Agera Cares. They organize food and clothing drives for local communities.

Talos Energy Aiming High After Recent Developments

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company that is enlisted as a publicly traded company. The company has been on a consistent growth trend since it acquired Stone Energy Corporation. In this deal, the company managed to become a publicly traded company without fronting an initial public offering. Stone Energy was already listed, and therefore Talos was automatically added. Talos engages in exploration and production operations in the United States Gulf of Mexico and some parts of the gulf on the Mexican side. Talos Energy enjoys great leadership from CEO Tim Duncan who has been the industry for about three decades. The company is making progress in the fields of exploration, acquisition, and development of assets in the Gulf of Mexico where it is engaging in shallow and deep water mining activities. The recent additions are the shallow-water fields on the Mexican side of the gulf.

Talos Energy recently announced that it had made a breakthrough with its Zama-one oil field. This field was acquired from the government of Mexico after it allowed private companies to engage in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in its part of the Gulf of Mexico. For years, Mexico has only allowed nationalized companies to engage in mining operations in the gov. However, due to the ineffectiveness of these companies, the government was forced to make changes to the law to allow private companies to join this business. Among the companies that were first to approach the government for a deal, was Talos. The acquired Zama-one oil field has now positioned this company in such a way that it will manage to compete with the largest oil companies in the United States.

Talos Energy is exploiting every opportunity that could offer them a chance to expand their operations. They have already announced their intentions to acquire Whistler Energy II Company. They have also announced that they have received rights from the National Hydrocarbons Commission of Mexico to engage in further discoveries. Already it is estimated that oil deposits the company has discovered at the Zama-one field will be producing around 100,000 barrels per day.

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José Auriemo Neto, the CEO JHSF properties

Brazilian titan, José Auriemo Neto is the Chief executive officer of JHSF properties, a real estate company specializing in the development of residential and commercial properties in Brazil. The company was incepted in 1972 as a construction company but was later transformed to a real estate development company in 1990. José is a graduate of the prestigious Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Brazil. He began his working career immediately upon graduation in 1993. He has led the company to success in major projects as well as acquiring fundamental properties. The company is currently a leader of innovation in the development of classy properties including ski resorts, shopping malls, and luxury residential properties.

As soon as José Auriemo Neto took over JHSF, the company has rapidly grown, and it has been on an upward trajectory ever since. This is attributed to his keen eye for highly profitable investment opportunities. He has a unique ability to identify a need in the real estate market and to develop an accurate solution after that. In 1997, José helped JHSF acquire a parking lot management company which saw the real estate company establish its service department. The second most notable venture that José helped JHSF establish was Santa Cruz shopping mall that comprises of restaurants, stores, and a movie theatre. He is also in charge of the management of the mall.

Due to his excellent leadership and management skills, José Auriemo Neto joined the Young Presidents Organization. He has continued to demonstrate exceptional skills and ability to propel JHSF to greater heights. He has established a legacy of identification of opportunity and provision solutions. Currently, JHSF owns a chain of retails portfolio which are all managed by José Auriemo Neto. In 2009, he led the company in signing partnership deals with various luxury brands to enable JHSF to continue with their innovative legacy. JHSF has made a significant mark in the real estate industry since foundation dating back to slightly over four decades. The company owns four business units including an airport, shopping centers, incorporations, and the prestigious Fasano Hotels. The company is looking forward to opening a shopping mall in Sao Paulo soon. José attributes his success to working ethic, passion, and experience.

Matt Badiali Continues To Prepare His Newsletter Readers For A Shift In The Energy Sector

Matt Badiali started out his career by studying to be a scientist. He studied at Penn State University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences there. He continued his education at Florida Atlantic and earned his Master of Science degree in geology during that time. Instead of continuing to pursue a career in science, he decided to take his skillset and apply it to the world of investing.

Matt Badiali has, since, had a whole lot of success in the natural resource investment sector and now works with Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer. He decided to become a writer and startup his own newsletter after realizing he could help people out a great deal. The industry he invests in is very speculative and cyclical, and his understanding of the market, the financial sector, and the sciences has given him a head start. Through his writing, Matt Badiali helps investors find the right kinds of metals, energy, and other natural resources to invest their money in.

Matt Badiali breathes life into his ideas by drawing on his own real-world experiences. He has admitted that he likes to bring his readers along with him on a journey of sorts. He is able to create colorful newsletters due to his travels throughout the world, and he has been to places like Singapore, Peru, Iraq, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Papua New Guinea.

Matt Badiali is sure that the world is on the eve of a major shift in the way it consumes energy. He believes that the world will be drawing on electric-centered energy more soon as it begins to fade out kerosene and whale oil. He has revealed that the only thing keeping this from happening now is a batter that is large enough to hold a lot of power. He figures that whoever discovers and creates this battery will be able to disrupt energy sector in such a way that a new paradigm will begin. When people ask Matt Badiali what they should do as aspiring investors, he often answers that reading is the best way to find the information they are looking for.

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Sussex Healthcare Appoints A New CEO To Improve Service Delivery

Sussex Healthcare is an independently operated group of care homes across the South East of England. The company has offered custom-made care services to clients with a varied special need for 25 years. Currently, Sussex Healthcare operates a total of 23 facilities in greater Sussex area.

Through its dedicated team of care experts, the homes are reputable for offering high class nursing and residential care services. The homes offer specialist care for patients with complex needs such as acquired brain injury, multiple learning disabilities, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological conditions. Additionally, the homes offer care for the elderly with special needs, day-care services, respite care, and several comprehensive therapies.

Sussex Healthcare homes are run by a highly qualified and experienced team of management. The team is dedicated and committed to the provision of high standard and dignified care services.

To ensure a sustained provision of high quality and professional care services, Sussex Healthcare recently announced the appointment of new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Already, the highly qualified expert has begun her work in earnest. She has blended well with the senior management team and the impact of her work is clearly visible. Within a month of her service, she has greatly contributed to the establishment of new Quality assurance, Compliance, and Service Improvement Department.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is a richly experienced and qualified professional in the best healthcare industry. She has worked in the public and private care industries for three decades. She has spent most of her professional time serving as a Mental Health Nurse and senior manager. Some of the management positions she has held include Quality Development Director and Service Manager and Managing Director.

As a long-serving caregiver, Morgan-Taylor brings with her the much-needed impetus to realize the objectives of Sussex Healthcare. Her knowledge of working with different stakeholders in both private and public healthcare sectors is a valuable tool for the care homes. While taking up his new position, she affirmed his commitment to work in concert with the rest of the staff.

“I am very delighted to join a robust team of caregivers. I can assure you that we will continue working together as a team to ensure that we give the best services to our clients,” said Morgan.

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Madison Street Capital help Sachs Capital Group

Madison Street capital is a renowned international investment banking company which has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It also has offices across the globe in continents like Africa, North America, and Asia. The company was founded in the year 2005 with its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Botchway. The company is mainly committed to leadership, excellence giving financial adviser to both private and public companies and ensuring integrity in these companies as well as improving their performance. Madison Company always responds to opportunities in time and operates professionally. It applies the approach of creating corporate financing transactions as this allows both companies engaged in the deal mutually benefit from each other. Madison Street has workers who are experts in matching appropriate financing structure and capitalization as well as matching buyers and sellers as per the situation of the client.


Madison Street Capital reputation is maintained as it offers services that will help the client to succeed me the broad global market. The services they provide include business valuation, portfolio evaluation, raising of capital, M&A Advisory, solvency opinions, financial opinions financial and operational restructuring.Furthermore the company also offers financial options and debt replacement services as well as fairness options. When Madison Capital takes a project, the objectives and goals of the client become theirs ranging from financial advisers to capital rises to transfers of ownership.


The most recent activity Madison Street has undertaken is the services they offered to Sachs Capital Group. Madison Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor to Sachs upon their merger with RMG Networks. Sachs Capital Group is a company that provides flexible Capital to performing entrepreneurs (it invests in them).On the other hand, RMG networks is a digital company which provided digital signage software and hardware. The firm also helps businesses to increase their efficiencies and productivity through elaborate engagement which they enhance it with digital messaging.


The two companies formed a merger that was aimed to increase their productivity and performance at large. They were doing some transactions which were thought to bring mutual benefits and profits to both of them. Unfortunately, one company was suffering while the other was thriving. The deal was seen to be benefiting the RMG Networks while Sachs Capital as not enjoying the fruits. Sachs Group was in a difficult situation whether to terminate the transaction or not. Madison Street Capital came in and gave financial advice to the Sachs group which finally pulled out from the merger. Madison Capital also provided the company with financing options that will help the company reclaim its initial production position.


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Information About, OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group is a company that processes food since it was founded in the year 1909. OSI Group is located in Illinois in the United States. OSI Group was initially selling meat products when it was established, but the company has now branched to several other food products such as vegetables, pastries, meat pies, dough products, and hot-dogs.

OSI Group ensures customer satisfaction at all times when delivering food products and this they do through partnerships with other top food retailers. One food retailer that OSI Group has maintained a long-lasting relationship with is McDonalds. The first McDonalds joint was started by Roy Kroc in 1995. He was just an entrepreneur at the time and had talked with OSI to be his main suppliers of meat products. The partnership was at the time not official as McDonalds was just starting out.

Later on, Roy Kroc was able to make the partnership between OSI Group and McDonalds official when he purchased McDonalds from its owner. This way OSI Group McDonalds became a partnership. OSI Group McDonalds was responsible with transportation of food products to the different chains in the different parts of the country. McDonalds was quickly gaining recognition in the US, and it was opening up joints in various parts. OSI Group McDonalds had to deliver products to all these parts while at the same time maintain consistency and deliver sufficient items that can satisfy their clients. With this, McDonalds was sure that they can meet their demands. The long distance between the different McDonalds spots was proving to become a challenge.

OSI Group McDonalds finally has innovated their technology and use modern methods such as flash freezing to ensure the products transported are of quality and are consistent. The innovation in technology has brought a lot of new opportunities for both companies in terms of growth and expansion of the network. OSI Group has gone to the extent of creating a warehouse that purely produces products meant for McDonalds. This relationship is very strong and ongoing up to now. OSI Group ensures that the products sold to customers are healthy and safe.

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