Texas Super Doctors- Dr. Jennifer Walden Instagram

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon located at Austin, Texas. She owns and operates MedSpas in Austin and NYC. Dr. Walden’s Instagram account has over 2,500 shared posts with over 264,000 followers. Dr. Walden shares posts about her practice, before and after pictures, and few family pictures. Dr. Walden shares pictures on skin tightening, butt lifting, cellulite treatments, rhinoplasty, fat removal and other procedures.

Dr. Walden uses captions on her photos that answer many questions followers may have. Her captions include information about the procedure such as recovery time, how long the results last, and the price. One post that really caught my attention was the Emsculpt Plus Thermismooth. This procedure is equivalent to 20,000 crunches/squats since it targets both the buttock and abs. This procedure only takes 30 minutes to melt fat and tighten the skin. She’s offering this package for $3,000 to the first 20 individuals to book. She also has a picture with a lot of engagements on lip filers. She stated that it may take 2 weeks to recover from any bruising and that the appointment may take up to 30 minutes. Dr. Walden posted a before and after photo about an anti-wrinkles treatment. In this post, she included the recovery time, and how long the procedure may last. She also explained how this treatment works. At the end of every post she included the contact information for potential clients to contact her. One other before and after picture that really caught my attention is the Sculpture Fat Removal Treatment. She has a before and after picture of a woman who seems thinner after the treatment. Dr. Walden explained how this procedure works in her post and some savings her Instagram followers can receive.

Edwin Miranda Career Journey To Cytovance Biologics

Edwin Miranda is an army veteran. He studied at Angelo State University for Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Throughout his career, he has worked for several organizations and has immensely contributed his skills and experience in healthcare sector. One of the organizations that has contributed to building an shaping his career is Abbot healthcare. He worked as a supervisor in this organization for a little over 7 years from 1985 to 1993. He served in the position of a production supervisor where he engaged in supervising the microbiological testing laboratories. He also worked as a supervisor for DPT Laboratories from 1993 to 1996.

Edwin Miranda moved to UCB in1996 where he was holding the position of Assistant Director of Worldwide Quality. Part of his duties in the company was the responsibility for the quality and compliance of the company’s manufacturing facilities. He worked in the company from 1996 to 2004. He also briefly worked as Director of Quality at Dixie Chemical CO. before moving to URL Pharma, Inc in 2005. Initially, Edwin Miranda was Director of Quality Assurance and in 2008 the company promoted him to the position of the Vice President of Quality. Between 2014 and 2017 he has worked as the Director of Quality in two companies. The first was Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging and then he was hired by Piramal Critical Care from 2015 to December 2017.

In January this year, Edwin Miranda was appointed the Vice-President of quality by Cytovance Biologics, which is a biopharmaceutical manufacturer. His 33 years of experience in industry will be beneficial to the company, He is well experienced in areas of quality assurance, biologics, and cosmetics, among other areas. The management of Cytovance Biologics has expressed that they are fortunate to have such as a well-seasoned individual in their team and they are certain that his leadership skills will be an invaluable asset to the company.

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How OSI Food Solutions Makes Remarkable Performance in the Food Industry

On November 25, 2016, OSI Food Solutions was among 18 recipients of the 2016 British Safety Councils Awards at a function in Drapers’ Hall London. The Global of Honor award recognizes the companies and organizations that observe strict environmental management processes in their operations. OSI Food Solutions is among many companies that put in place strict strategies that ensure perfect environmental management in its 65 facilities in 17 countries. Each company that received the award completed and passed the management audit scheme done by the British Safety Council between August 2015 and July 2016 by achieving a rating of five stars. The panelists overseeing the process were satisfied that these companies excelled in their environmental management practices starting from the shop floors to their office boardrooms.

The Award winning company OSI Food Solutions made tremendous achievement by making total sales of $6.1 billion in the same year. The results put the company at position 58 in the Forbes list of Top 100 companies in America. The company made outstanding efforts to increase its sales in that year. Among the steps that the company took include merging and acquiring like-minded companies to enhance the smooth supply of its products that so the rise of sales in a significant way. Among the successful acquisitions was the deal between the company and Baho Foods. The Dutch-based company specialized in deli meat, snacks, dips and other foods that made it qualify to collaborate with OSI. Additionally, the company has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany that boosted the sales of OSI n 2016. The five subsidiaries serve 18 countries that mean the process opened a new market to OSI Food Solutions.

Another acquisition that also targeted the European market involved Flagship Europe in the same year. The company made and more expansion efforts in different regions globally apart from Europe. However, the company also upgrades the current plants to boost production like in the case of its Toledo Spain plant. The company upgraded the plant to improve the supplies for the rising demand for its products in Spain and Portugal. The production of the facility doubled to 24,000 tons annually from 12,000 tons. The facility that specializes in other products like beef and pork products made an increase in total production to 45,000 tons annually.

LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Alex Hern Talks About His Life And Work

Alex HernThe entrepreneur has been in the business world for over two decades. He believes that many people have good goals in their lives, but they fail due to their lack of focus. Some of his main areas of interest in the business world are the new companies and investing in technology firms. Alex Hern was one of the pioneers of Inktomi Sachs.

At the organization, he worked as its director. He also worked in the same capacity at Yesmail Alex Brown. Mr. Hern was also one of the founders of Military Commercial Technologies where he worked as the firm’s CEO. One of the ventures that transformed his life was a cybersecurity company called ArcSight which was later sold for $1.5 billion to Hewlett-Packard.

Mr. Hern realized that computers running on a CPU were not very common nowadays. This is because the GPU-driven ones have already entered into the market and therefore saw the need to start a company that would develop new applications for the new devices. He launched a company called Tsunami to meet the changing needs in the technology world. He believes that one of the reasons for his entrepreneurial success is that he never multitasks. The businessman spends a significant amount of his time on one thing if he believes it can improve company’s financial position.

Alex Hern values the quiet time at night as it provides him with a perfect opportunity to come up with new and better ideas to improve the capabilities of his company’s applications. He describes a business journey as a marathon and not a sprint. According to him, most of the young entrepreneurs rush to make business decisions. His advice is that people should focus on making long-term decisions that will shape their future. He believes that most people waste a lot of time on social media and urges them to value their true friends and their lives.

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Serge Belamant Patent to Enhance More Innovations in the Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulie, France. He later relocated to South Africa aged 14. He learned to speak English when he joined Highlands North High School. The school also saw him excel in not only rugby but also chess. After high school, Serge Belamant joined Witwatersrand University to study Engineering. He later changed his mind and decided to take Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He later decided to completely discontinue his coursework after two years of studies and opted taking information systems that were offered by UNISA.

Serge Belamant created the first series of the blockchain technologies in 1989 and he has so far acquired a patent to protect his technology. Serge Belamant invention is channeled towards revolutionizing the entire banking system. Quite a large number of people have expressed satisfaction about the blockchain debit cards and they think it is the next breakthrough in technology. Serge has therefore filed the following patent to protect blockchain inventions.

Transactors Identity verification

This entails a complex system that will manage and facilitate financial transactions between the trading parties. The parties accounts have unique identities with a verification facility to confirm the identities of two trading parties. The accounts of both parties need to have been registered by a financial institution.

Variations in the financial transaction pin.

This system allows transactions in an ATM at the sales location. This entails using internet services and logging into an account. You are then required to create a password with response to the biometric identifier provided.

Identification of the destination of financial transactions electronically

This system is fitted with an identifier to correctly determine the destination of the supplied identifier by the parties under the circumstances given.

Verification of the identity of the transactor The system for the management of financial transactions between the transacting parties. The two should have a verification facility for their accounts that will identify the transactor correctly.

Serge Belamant believes that he is going to make more inventions in the blockchain technology with his patents in place.

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Working with Managed Services: The Legacies of Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

The face of managed healthcare has never been the same after companies like Innovacare Health started to take the reigns in the industry. Innovacare Health is one of the premier companies out there for helping to connect patients and physicians while ensuring that the patients are receiving value-based care and have access to some of the best, most affordable healthcare possible. This Company focuses on working to connect leadership, culture, and governance to build a structure that is optimized for success in nearly any economic conditions.

Innovacare Health, based on Fort Lee, New Jersey, works with several different types of people. It manages over a half-million lives, including more than 100,000 dual-eligible beneficiaries. The Company has received numerous awards and also accreditation for its quality in the Medicare and Medicaid spaces. Much of the success that this Company has seen can be attributed directly to the leadership of its CEO, Richard Shinto, and its CAO, Penelope Kokkinides.

Both of these individuals have worked in healthcare nearly their entire lives. Before joining Innovacare Health, Shinto worked at several different healthcare companies, including being the Director of MMM of Florida, the CEO of PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., and the CEO of MMM Healthcare. He still holds several of these positions. Shinto also worked at Aveta, Inc. as the CEO until 2012. Shinto was originally trained as an internist and pulmonologist after he attended medical school at the University of New York at Stony Brook. He worked his way up through the ranks and showed early on that he had a knack for being able to work with companies and patients to get them the best care possible. Shinto has served for over 20 years in the managed care sector.

Sitting on Richard Shinto’s right-hand-side at Innovacare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides also worked with Shinto at Aveta, Inc. where she served as the COO until 2012. Before that, she was also involved in other roles at Touchstone Health working with HMOs. Kokkinides has over 15 years of experience working with managed health and insurance plans, and she has shown her worth in her first few years at Innovacare. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Kokkinides explained that it is important to have a team behind you, and in order to grow your business you have to have an organized and structured approach. It is clear that with a management team like Shinto and Kokkinides, Innovacare Health is in good hands.


Equities First Holdings Lending

The Daily Forex Report has an interesting article on a company who offers stock-based loans which are not based business or individual credit. The new type of lending isn’t even based on traditional margin based loans, and offers a more favorable fixed interest rate that is around 3.5%. The company that is behind this revolutionary form of lending is a company that has been active for the last 16 years. Equities First Holdings is the name of the company, and on their resume they have handled over $1.4 billion in global transactions. Alternative lending is still in its baby stage of development, but it will prove to become a common form of lending for companies and individuals who might not qualify for other forms of credit based lending. For some entities, they simply might not want to use business or personal credit for loans.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/equitiesfirst?lang=en

Keeping an Open Mind to Achieve Success in Business with Matt Badiali

Many people struggle with accruing wealth every day and end up disappointed. The series of failing in business has led many individuals to give up and become paranoid about the venture. As a result, people only want to invest in the general businesses which have been explored for years to minimise risks. Even though the risks may be low so are the returns. Matt Badiali, an Editor at Banyan Hills Publishing, teaches you to make your savings count by investing in natural resources.
Why Should You Trust Matt Badiali?

Investing in natural resources is a huge risk because they are very speculative, Badiali agrees with this as well. However, there are many reasons as to why you should trust him in the business. To start with, there are multiple positive reviews on his website and social media pages thanking him because of their great outcomes.

The other reason you should trust Matt Badiali is because he has absolute experience and rich academic background. He has had a chance to interview the CEOs of the most prestigious mining industries. He has also visited multiple mineral sites, and he, therefore, understands what to look for to rate the success of the mines. He gives an example saying that most young mining companies spend most of their time in the drilling process. By observing the workers drill a hole, he can determine the success of the firm.

For the academic part, he has a B.S. in earth sciences and a Master of Science in geology from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively. He also spent half a decade in the University of North Carolina working towards a PhD until he met the financial guru who introduced him to the world of finance.

Matt Badiali is also passionate about his job which is very important in every profession. He takes his time in preparing the articles for readers. This is to see that they are straightforward and easy to understand. To avoid distractions, he focuses on one project at a time to see that he is accurate and he gives quality articles that are beneficial to all investors.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Details Building of an Online Empire

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of JD.com, one of the largest online retail stores in China. His parents ran a transport business on the canal and for some time he worked there. The business did not do very well and therefore his family was poor. When his grandmother who had brought him up ell sick they could not afford to pay for her medical care. Richard Liu went to university in Beijing where being of an entrepreneurial mindset he established a restaurant business which unfortunately collapsed.

After graduation, his grandmother was sick and since his family could not afford to pay for her treatment he needed to start working in order to help her. Richard Liu explains that at the time many young graduates leaving the university were interested in working in the civil service, he did not want to do that so he started physical retail stores. These retail stores were the beginning of JD.com in 1998 and became fully online in 2004. The shift was occasioned by the SARS epidemic in 2002 and one of the store’s managers suggested selling online.

Today, Jingdong’s logistical network has grown to cover even the most remote parts of China. Richard Liu Qiangdong pointed out that 57% of deliveries take place within 6 hours and 97% is done within 20 hours. This does not only apply to people living within the cities but also those living in a remote area. JD.com delivers all over the world including cities like Paris, New York and London, regrettably delivery takes up to 15 days as their global network is a work in progress.

According to Richard Liu Jingdong plans to expand by first bringing into China the best products from all over the world. Secondly, they will expand into the rest of Asia, then the Middle East, Europe and America. This Richard Liu Qiangdong hopes to achieve through both growing the business and acquisitions.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the Founder and CEO of JD.com. He attended Renmin University of China from where he received his sociology degree.

Talos Energy And Pemex : The Economic Power House Of The Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy in conjunction with their Zama project recently announced the discovery of over 2 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The area in question is however located adjacent to a block owned by PEMEX, Mexico’s state-run oil company. Tim Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy immediately called for a partnership with PEMEX in order to better research the areas around the newly discovered oil deposit. The partnership would include the sharing of data with PEMEX as well as a consortium with Britians Premiere oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas.

The goal of reaching a partnership deal with PEMEX was however seen as wishful thinking at the time. This was due to a long-standing tradition by the Mexican government to bar all partnerships with outside entities. The practice goes back to the early days of the current Mexican government and was placed to protect the countries resources. However, in the years to come, PEMEX would grow to be so corrupted that the Mexican government cut the funding and began a 14-year slump for the oil company.

Tim Duncan, however, would find his opportunity in recently elected President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Throughout his campaign, President-elect Obrador promised the restoration of PEMEX to its once glory days of economic power. Both parties quickly agreed to a partnership and with the quick approval of the Zama project appraisal plan by Mexico’s oil regulator the plan to explore two new wells was underway. The Zama project calls for an investment by Talos Energy and partners of $325 million to drill two new wells and conduct research on other areas of the Gulf of Mexico throughout 2019. Drilling will begin in late November of 2018 with an estimated 150,000 barrels per day being produced by 2023. Although Talos Energy stated that they will still need time to construct additional platforms, the time will allow them to conduct patient and precise research in order to collect the best possible data.

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