David McDonald Extraordinary Achievements As OSI Group’s Head

The president of OSI Group was raised in Lowa where he spent his early years learning about agriculture from his parents. He operated on the farm for several years and developed an interest in changing the operations in  food industry. His parents supported McDonald’s dreams by providing him with the best education. David McDonald OSI Group attended Iowa State University and graduated with an Animal Science degree four years after joining in 1987.

In 1991 after earning his degree, David McDonald joined OSI Industries in Chicago and offered his services. Being a dedicated person, he has been able to rise through the ranks to achieve his dreams of changing the industry’s operations. Through his outstanding leadership and management skills, of David McDonald OSI Group has won senior award from Wallace E. Barron and he is hugely respected by others in the industry today.

OSI Group is well-known for their protein-rich products including Pizza, sandwiches and sausage links. David McDonald OSI Group intends to turn around OSI’s performance by bringing new ideas and products. The company established a massive processing plant in 2012. The facility is based in Henan Province in China. There was a successful partnership between OSI Group and DAYOO Group, which was spearheaded by David McDonald OSI Group.

David McDonald has plans of expanding OSI Group to the international market. The company opened the largest processing center in India that will process products from frozen food. There are other projects that the company launched in Hungary, Geneva, and Poland. The company expanded the processing plant in Poland by 30 percent. The expected annual capacity of the constructed facility is 600,000 metric tons.

In 2016, OSI Group bought Baho Food, which was a tremendous noticeable move that will complement the products in OSI Group and ultimately raising their demand as pointed out by David McDonald. The most effective way of coordinating the local operations of OSI with the international logistic players was the critical consideration for David McDonald for OSI Group to move alongside the global trends. David McDonald has enabled OSI Group to expand to the global market by offering the best quality products.

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