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Entrepreneur Alex Hern Introduces AR to Businesses and Homes in San Diego

Alex HernBusiness guru and entrepreneur Alex Hern helps oversee the operations of Tsunami, a provider of augmented reality (AR) software applications. The company is a leader with expansion to enterprises worldwide using solutions that improve safety, training and productivity. Hern serves as Co-chairman and Co-CEO, and with the help of his business partner Dave Ross introduced AR to San Diego. Tsunami Workspaces and Tsunami XR Studios are their featured products marketed to residents and businesses. He explores the technology industry in the 1990s and sought an interest in a variety of companies including AlterEgo Networks and Home Realty Inc.

During the time of Alex Hern’s exploration, Boeing Research used augmented reality to describe a display of virtual graphics and actual reality. The Armstrong Lab at the US Air Force created first operable AR system that provides realistic reality. In 2000, ARToolkit was created as a library for open source using virtual graphics on cameras. By 2016, AR is in the homes and industries using high quality displays, and virtual reality (VR) glasses and goggles. Tsunami VR conducted field tests using trials with a company providing energy services to assist employees swapping a pneumatic drill component.

Virtual reality and 3D models took 15 minutes to complete the process compared to the time it usually takes which is two hours. Alex Hern is a pioneer at leading the team to control companies in its start-up stage. He is a member of the board of directors for Silicon Valley Internet Capital and active at Tsunami. Alex held executive titles as chief executive officer, executive vice president, chairman, co-chairman, board director, and co-founder.

Alex Hern provides insights into the technology industry mobile innovation as a speaker for 5G Forum in San Diego, California. He has accomplished much success as a venture capitalist and leader. Tsunami markets its Workspaces and Studios XR solutions. The Workspace application allows organizations to collaborate virtually and work together from anywhere across the globe. Studios XR is a tool that uses animation, stimulation, and visualization in a 3D model.

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