Dr. Saad Saad explains concussions and vaccines for children

Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced doctor with his speciality being a pediatric surgeon who has done many surgeries in his lifetime based out of New Jersey and in an article from Chronicleweek.com, shares his knowledge on concussions and the importance of getting children vaccinated. Saad Saad has been able to research both topics and provide parents with answers to these two complex issues with concussions being the first one on the list as repeated hits to the head from sports that can cause long-term issues of brain cognition and more. Saad Saad describes a concussion as a hit to the head that causes it to jolt back, which then causes damage to the brain or a concussion. There are many different signs that someone has a concussion that includes dizziness, bad headaches, slurred speech, vomiting, nausea, and even loss of consciousness. Any child that has these symptoms means that they have a concussion and one can tell from looking at an individual. It can be tricky though as some people will not have any symptoms till hours later and forget or have it right away and know that something is wrong. Parents should watch their kids carefully the doctor notes after an injury such as this to see if it progresses and see if it heals. Much needed sleep and taking it easy is the only things a child can do to heal and everyone’s concussion can be different, with some taking longer than others. Dr. Saad Saad mentions that in some cases, a concussion can last for up to a month and the doctor recommends that children take some time off from an exercise that is causing them trauma to the head. Sports like football and soccer can cause concussions and people need to be careful because one can cause others to arise easily and if it keeps happening a decision to quit needs to come into effect to stop significant damage to the head. Parents will need to comfort their children after an injury like this and support them as the recovery process can be quite frustrating. Dr. Saad Saad then goes into the next complex issues of vaccines and supports getting children vaccinated because it eliminates the risk of contracting deadly and severe diseases. Vaccines have throughout history helped fix the onset of diseases like smallpox, which killed many. Vaccines contain a much weaker form of the disease so the body fights off the injected form and creates antibodies to fix it, which causes protection from it for the rest of an individuals life. Dr. Saad Saad even lists 5 different reasons to why children should get vaccinated with the first being in its history of eliminating diseases, being safe, protecting all children, saving time and money, and being good for the future. The doctor also tackles the misconceptions that vaccines cause autism, which he believes is false.


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How Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Redefining Cosmetic Surgery Practice

A quick scan through @drjenniferwalden Instagram account gives a good impression of how technology is helping millions of people through reconstructive surgeries. Through this Instagram account, Dr. Jennifer Walden shares some inspirational stories about the positive results of her profession. Over the years, Dr. Walden has gained followers due to her approach to work and helping thousands of people. Her current following stand at 265,000 followers, which is impressively great for a brand like hers. On her Instagram stories, she is always educating people on aesthetic plastic surgeries. On the section (Instagram stories), she gives unmatched insights on what happens during reconstructive surgeries. In addition to Instagram stories, she has 2,460 posts, which blend work with her life as a mother of twins.

What makes Dr. Jennifer Walden an exceptional professional in this medical niche? First, she is part of medical societies around the USA. Through bodies such as American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the vast American Society of Plastic Surgeons, she is able to keep up with the latest in surgery world. It is also from these two bodies that Dr. Jennifer Walden gets updates on the legality of some aspects of the medical world. She has also served in these bodies at different capacities. This makes Dr. Jennifer Walden not only the best surgeon but also a great administrator in the medical field.

Another reason why Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to have an incomparable impact on the aesthetic plastic surgery world is her approach to this professional. Many medical pundits have described her as the future of aesthetic plastic surgery. She has a strong personality, discipline, and Dr. Jennifer Walden has one of the best working code of ethics. Interestingly, she is one of the few female aesthetic plastic surgeons rewriting the position of female professionals in this medical niche with a high number of male professionals.

Finally, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a product of the best medical institutions in the USA. She is both a medical graduate and a fellow to one of the most authoritative medical bodies. She has a good working experience with The University of Texas Southwestern and the famous New York University.

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David McDonald Extraordinary Achievements As OSI Group’s Head

The president of OSI Group was raised in Lowa where he spent his early years learning about agriculture from his parents. He operated on the farm for several years and developed an interest in changing the operations in  food industry. His parents supported McDonald’s dreams by providing him with the best education. David McDonald OSI Group attended Iowa State University and graduated with an Animal Science degree four years after joining in 1987.

In 1991 after earning his degree, David McDonald joined OSI Industries in Chicago and offered his services. Being a dedicated person, he has been able to rise through the ranks to achieve his dreams of changing the industry’s operations. Through his outstanding leadership and management skills, of David McDonald OSI Group has won senior award from Wallace E. Barron and he is hugely respected by others in the industry today.

OSI Group is well-known for their protein-rich products including Pizza, sandwiches and sausage links. David McDonald OSI Group intends to turn around OSI’s performance by bringing new ideas and products. The company established a massive processing plant in 2012. The facility is based in Henan Province in China. There was a successful partnership between OSI Group and DAYOO Group, which was spearheaded by David McDonald OSI Group.

David McDonald has plans of expanding OSI Group to the international market. The company opened the largest processing center in India that will process products from frozen food. There are other projects that the company launched in Hungary, Geneva, and Poland. The company expanded the processing plant in Poland by 30 percent. The expected annual capacity of the constructed facility is 600,000 metric tons.

In 2016, OSI Group bought Baho Food, which was a tremendous noticeable move that will complement the products in OSI Group and ultimately raising their demand as pointed out by David McDonald. The most effective way of coordinating the local operations of OSI with the international logistic players was the critical consideration for David McDonald for OSI Group to move alongside the global trends. David McDonald has enabled OSI Group to expand to the global market by offering the best quality products.

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JD.com, the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards Winner

JD.com, the largest e-commerce retailer in China is set to receive the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. SEAL Awards announced JD.com as one of the companies to receive the coveted award on November 4, 2018. The award is a celebration of Jingdong’s commitment to sustainable business operations. Upon receiving this award, JD.com joins the ranks of world leading brands like Lonely Whale and Equinix, which are also set to receive the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. Other leading brands like Impossible Foods, Samsung, Apple, Nike, and Patagonia are set to receive the 2018 SEAL Organizational Impact Award.

The sustainability award recognizes a company’s ethical responsibility in driving positive change in the society. SEAL Awards also holds to the belief that companies and businesses have a responsibility to foster environmental progress without wholly relying on politics. According to the founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney, it is necessary to recognize a company’s commitment to sustainability awards. It is regrettable that the media and the general public often overlook these selfless efforts. According to Matt Harney, SEAL Awards is committed to recognizing such efforts since the make positive impacts for the earth.

The award is a demonstration of JD’s commitment to environmental advocacy, extraordinary social contribution, and a resourceful Corporate Responsibility Program. The award is a reward for a consistent implementation of innovative programs, which promote social progress. Through voluntary initiatives, Jingdong has ensured that it leaves a positive mark in the society through efficient service delivery. From the design of the products, packaging, sale, and delivery to respective customers, the company puts stringent measures to ensure that the societal impact of their services will be durable and sustainable.

According to the Founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney, JD.com’s innovative packaging program attracted the most attention. He was referring to Jingdong’s recent launch of eco-friendly packaging bags. The bags, which are a mastermind of JD, are recyclable. The company has also come up with a bonus system for every customer, who uses the eco-packaging. On behalf of SEAL Awards, Matt Harney congratulated the leadership of Jingdong for this extraordinary innovation. Since the launch of the program, over one million articles of clothing and 400,000 toys have been recycled in 47 cities across China

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Alex Hern

Entrepreneur Alex Hern Introduces AR to Businesses and Homes in San Diego

Alex HernBusiness guru and entrepreneur Alex Hern helps oversee the operations of Tsunami, a provider of augmented reality (AR) software applications. The company is a leader with expansion to enterprises worldwide using solutions that improve safety, training and productivity. Hern serves as Co-chairman and Co-CEO, and with the help of his business partner Dave Ross introduced AR to San Diego. Tsunami Workspaces and Tsunami XR Studios are their featured products marketed to residents and businesses. He explores the technology industry in the 1990s and sought an interest in a variety of companies including AlterEgo Networks and Home Realty Inc.

During the time of Alex Hern’s exploration, Boeing Research used augmented reality to describe a display of virtual graphics and actual reality. The Armstrong Lab at the US Air Force created first operable AR system that provides realistic reality. In 2000, ARToolkit was created as a library for open source using virtual graphics on cameras. By 2016, AR is in the homes and industries using high quality displays, and virtual reality (VR) glasses and goggles. Tsunami VR conducted field tests using trials with a company providing energy services to assist employees swapping a pneumatic drill component.

Virtual reality and 3D models took 15 minutes to complete the process compared to the time it usually takes which is two hours. Alex Hern is a pioneer at leading the team to control companies in its start-up stage. He is a member of the board of directors for Silicon Valley Internet Capital and active at Tsunami. Alex held executive titles as chief executive officer, executive vice president, chairman, co-chairman, board director, and co-founder.

Alex Hern provides insights into the technology industry mobile innovation as a speaker for 5G Forum in San Diego, California. He has accomplished much success as a venture capitalist and leader. Tsunami markets its Workspaces and Studios XR solutions. The Workspace application allows organizations to collaborate virtually and work together from anywhere across the globe. Studios XR is a tool that uses animation, stimulation, and visualization in a 3D model.

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Henry Gareth Impact On The Private Credit Sector

The private credit sector is one that is continuously changing, and Gareth Henry is at the core of this industry. Heading the global investor relations for some alternative investment management companies based in the US, Henry Gareth has amassed a lot of knowledge and experience in the finance industry. Gareth Henry attended Heriot-Watt University where he graduated with a 1st class degree in Actuarial Maths and statistics in 2011.

At Angelo Gordon Co., Gareth led investor relations and capital raising group whose roles entailed complete reorganization of sales, product specialist roles and client services. He raised a significant amount of capital in credit and real estate products.

At Fortress Investment group, Gareth was a Managing Director and Head of Investor Relations for the Company’s liquid markets hedge funds business. He oversaw product development, asset raising, and client services.

Gareth Henry has helped create awareness in the private credit sector which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The financial crisis of 2008 is one reason why banks have cut back on lending to private companies.

Being a public company has its downfalls because of the amount of disclosure associated with these companies thereby increasing regulations.

A significant reason for the rapid growth in the private credit sector is the quarterly reporting related to public companies. This may cause harsh reactions by investors in case of poor performance in the short run.

Henry Gareth believes that large institutions will continue making major individual investment decisions that will have an impact on direct investing which is fascinating.

Gareth Henry has built a successful career in the private credit industry through a unique combination of mathematical training and industry experience. This has made him earn different titles over time in the firms he has worked.

Henry was Head of International Investor Relations for Fortress Investment, Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders in London, Investment Manager for SEI Investments in Philadelphia and London. Henry Gareth also worked as an Analyst for Watson Wyatt LPP in London.

Through Precision and hard work, Gareth has been able to facilitate relationship Building and has established an extensive network of contacts.

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Talos Energy Innovation Needed To Avoid Looming Oil Production Gap

Market analysts are raising concerns about a looming oil production gap that could hit the world economy hard, possibly within five to seven years. That’s because pending sanctions on Iran will take that major supplier out of the global equation. Analysts say that more major new discoveries are needed to head off an uncertain future.

Those same analysts cited Houston-based Talos Energy as one company that is part of the solution. The young and hungry deepwater wildcatter recently made a major find in Mexican territorial waters off the coast of Tabasco last year. The well, dubbed the Zama-1, might hold as much two billion barrels of crude oil equivalent.

The energy consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie said a supply gap is likely to show up in the middle of the 2020 decade. The shortage could surge to 3 million bpd by 2030.

That’s why more companies with the Talos Energy philosophy and approach are much needed in today’s industry. Under CEO Tim Duncan, Talos is determined to innovate, leverage high technology and put the smartest people in the business to work on developing locations that other entities consider “unreachable.”

Talos is not only buying up blocks in both shallow water and deepwater locations across the Gulf of Mexico, it is entering into creative partnerships with entities like Pemex and Hokchi Energy. The former is the Mexican national oil company and the later is a subsidiary of the Argentinian Pan American Oil.

For an Pan American Oil company to partner with Pemex is nothing less that historic because Mexico has not allowed foreign entities to operate within its territories since it nationalized its oil industry in 1938. But now Talos has joined with Pemex and scored a major find.

More innovation like this will be needed if the world oil supply is to remain robust and stable — or at the very least — avoid a looming shortage.

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Ted Bauman Says Diversifying With Safe Bonds Shrinks Risk

More and more investors are becoming hypersensitive about asset protection, Ted Bauman says , the guru behind the Sovereign Investor and Plan B Club. And with the stock market taking several nose dives lately, Bauman points out investors should be looking for defensive measures, like safe bonds.

Why Invest In Bonds?

When you buy bonds you are lending money. The shortest and safest securities in the world are US Treasury bills. This type of investment won’t make you rich, but it’s safe, convenient, and holds very little risk, and as Ted Bauman points out, investors must always spread their risk so all their eggs are not in the same basket.A bond is a promissory note issued by an institution and it has conditions. It has a price, an interest rate, and a maturity date. To obtain money, the institution issues notes with an interest rate, that must be paid back, according to what the promissory note states. But Ted Bauman also warns, there are parameters to consider when investing in bonds.

Some parameters to consider include the ratings to access reliability, fixed or variable interest rates, the duration, the yield, and the currency of the bond. Bonds have always been considered one of the most solid instruments for those who want to invest, however, in any investment, you should assess the risk profile.For over 20 years, Ted Bauman offering advice and simple strategies to maximize wealth. A graduate of the University of Cape Town with a degree in Economics, and an MBA from Georgia State University, Bauman has worked domestically and internationally, including consulting for the United Nations.

Since 2013, he’s been an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, advising investors with The Bauman Letter. According to interviews, Bauman points out the importance of putting investors in touch with resources with low-investment risks, and that have little to no government oversight. No fan of government regulation, Bauman says he’e enjoying helping investors find long-term benefits that offer good financial strategies, and as editor of The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club he gets to inform everyone about the art and science of investing.

Freedom Checks: Best Kept Secret In The Oil Industry

One of the more fascinating investment options that investors heard about this year was Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali was the financial expert credited for introducing this investment option to the world. He trained most of his life to become a geologist. He traveled to many countries inspecting oil wells and other natural resource assets of large corporations. CEOs of some of the largest companies spoke with him about the business aspects of natural resource companies. It was when he was training as a geologist that he learned about “Master Limited Partnerships”. He learned that these companies were required to pay large Freedom Checks to their shareholders. These companies were formed to help United States eventually become energy independent.

Matt Badiali took the knowledge he acquired and shared to the rest of the world how they could start investing in Freedom Checks. Before the public had been told about this investment opportunity, only a few savvy investors who understood the US tax code took advantage of this strategy. In 1987 Congress passed laws that allowed MLPs to operate without paying any income taxes. The US government was trying to spur economic growth, create more jobs and reduce energy dependence from the Middle East. Investors in MLPs benefit greatly because they are not required to pay any taxes on the Freedom Checks they receive. This makes investing in MLPs one of the most lucrative investment options that an investor can make. Currently, there are over five hundred companies that meet the qualifications to be classified as an MLP.

Matt Badiali is a huge oil bull long-term. He feels that there are many factors that are going to drive the price of oil up. Since most MLPs are involved in the oil and gas industry, many Master Limited Partnerships are going to be more profitable than they are today. Higher profits are going to result in higher share prices. Higher profits also mean that these companies must pay higher dividends to their shareholders. Investors who wish to start receiving their Freedom Checks only need to have a brokerage account and a small starting capital to get started.

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